Social Media Celebrities

The Internet has been the biggest revolution since the printing press. The Internet with the creation of the World Wide Web has been made available to pretty much everyone. It has made communicating and the distribution of information much easier. It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the world of marketing and organizations as a whole. While reading The textbook, the new rules of marketing & PR ,I came across the portion that talked about organizations not having many options for marketing before the web. They had to pay for very expensive advertising just to get their products out there. Now that social media has taken over, organizations have a even better platform to market their products. Social media has taken a once formal and costly way of organizations reaching their consumers, and turned it in to a more casual and less costly way. This allows organizations to communicate with their consumers directly and in a more informal way. I began to think of a video I watched a while back.


“For decades, if you want to be a famous entertainer, you either had to go on TV, star in a movie, or get a record deal. But today, celebrity is made online. Social media platforms are allowing a new generation of social media stars to bypass the traditional gatekeepers and connect directly with their fans.”


This is the introduction for fusion’s Real Future  video. For those who are not aware, of what fusion is, it’s basically a multi-platform network that report on issues and targeted towards young people. So this video is about the new wave of stardom that social media has brought about. With the creation of vine, Instagram and many other content sharing site, social media has brought about a new business for young people and people in general.

In the video, a fusion reporter sits down with Keraun Harris and Simone Shepard, two of the biggest stars on social media with over a million followers each, talks about what it is like to be stars on the Internet. Keraun and Simone started making short comedy videos on vine. Now their videos are being shared all over Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to their millions of followers.­ They share the fact that many people think their videos are just a hobby but its actually a real job with deadlines and of course high wages. Keraun and Simone are able to create videos without the long movie making process, upload it to the web and get instant feedback with the millions of views. This was brought about companies like Collab. Collab signs social media stars and help them get copyright to their content; in order to keep it them from being stolen by others. The also prepare them for professional business meeting. I must say before seeing this video I didn’t think of the social media videos as a well job. By reading the textbook and seeing this video have given me an in-depth understanding at how social media has transform business.


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