Blogging and its popularity

Blogs are something that I have recently found interest t in. I mean, My obsession for blogs is pretty real. Can you blame me? There are pretty much blogs on any topic. My love and growing interest for makeup, fashion, and just visually appealing content also a communication degree in progress led to my newfound love for blogs. Blogs are great because it is easy to make and anyone can start one. Anyone, including little old me if I must add. It’s a great place for business and creative to share their works and voice their opinions.

Apart from personal blogs, I started to notice that most business/ organization too have blogs. While taking this course, Communicating in new media and also principles of public relations, the topic of blogging came up quite often. The textbook, New rules of Marketing and PR has an entire chapter dedicated to blogs. So yeah, if you didn’t know before now you know the blogs are important in the communication field. Even my PR boo talked extensively about blogs and it’s usage.

Now That you know that that blogs are the shishneek (Snoop Dog’s vocab for sh**t), let be present to you the problem. While I was browsing the web trying to learn more about blogs, I came across a forum with a discussion blogging is losing popularity. This is actually not my first time hearing this state. I wrote a journal for PR class and talked about how blogs are great, popular and so on. My instructor left a comment on my graded paper, which stated, “Some say these [blogs] are losing popularity. Thoughts?” No thoughts at that time, I didn’t pay much attention until I came across the above discussion. This topic was interesting to me because I thought blogs? Not popular? Really? Everybody, business, organizations an d their mama have blogs. So come again please. The person who posted this discussion was basically saying that some blogs faded away and the blogging trend is not as popular is it was in the early 2000s. well , That could be true so I decide to look for a different opinion. I came across a article The business of blogging . The writer says that blogging is not dead, it has just evolved. Before blogs were used for personal purposes but now it is used for business. But does that mean that blogs have lost popularity? What do you think?


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