Insta-fashion or scam?

Its no secret that social media is a huge marketing tool for business today. Many stores and online shops use Instagram as a medium to draw costumers to their products. Instagram is photo sharing social media site and also an allusion in my opinion but enough about that, lets talk Insta- fashion! Yay!


If you are an Instagram fanatic like me then you know that’s where its at when it comes to the fashion. Yes! Insta- fashion is the bomb. If you want to want be as fly as the instagram “It girls” then you better find yourself a online boutique on instagram to shop from. As a “wanna be” Instagram model/ Insta “it girl”( yeah I said it, I wanna to be like them but still struggling ok..), I tend to follow a lot of those fashion pages because I want to be on their level. I want to stunt like them but I quickly noticed everything on Instagram is not what it seemed. I came across a page,  ffbboutique, what kind of name is that? The name alone tells you that it is not legit. I followed anyway, just for reference in the future. As they posted pictures of people modeling their so-called merchandise, I noticed that all those picture of the models were from other store’s website. The also posted some of the Instagram it girls were some outfits that were from other stores, but they advertised it as their own. I should probably inform you that I haven’t even visited their actual website, just their Instagram page. Their page has 97.2K followers if I might also add. Why don’t they have their own models? Why don’t they show pictures of their actual product? Its clear that at this point I’m already aware that this is one of those sellers that take other store styles and create a cheaper, low quality version of it.


I decided to visit their actual website, not planning on buying anything just wanted to see what the prices were. The look of the website verified all of my thoughts about this store. First thing that came to my mind when I saw the website is Amateur. It looked very amateur and unprofessional. The website was missing a lot attributes other online clothing stores had. First off, it had only two tabs: home and catalog. Yes I know, that does mean it’s not professional, maybe just simple. There website had no information what the company is and what it does. Also, there was no contact information. I don’t know about you but I will definitely not feel comfortable entering my information on that site. There is no information about shipping, shipping cost, or even where the business is located.


Yea, I definitely think this is one of those site where the clothing they send you is nothing like how its shown on their website. SCAM!!





2 thoughts on “Insta-fashion or scam?

  1. I praise you for blogging about this fashion industry nightmare! The photos alone speak a thousand words. Thanks for the breakdown!

  2. I wish i read this article sooner. I only just researched this company because it has been over two months and i haven’t received the $45 dress i ordered. The site says ships within 10 days, so i emailed on the 12th day. I have followed up weekly with no luck. Buyer beware for sure!

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