Peaceful protests?

My original intent was to stay out of the political arena in my blog posts. However, the recent events finally tipped the scale enough that I felt a need to get my thoughts out.

Let us look at both definitions of the words “peaceful” and “protest” as identified by the website

The terms used to describe peaceful include “free from war, strife, commotion, violence, or disorder.” Now add together the terms for protest which are “an objection, disapproval, in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid.”

In the last year we have seen events around our country, and some as recent in our own state; from the shooting in Minnesota to those before and after the presidential election. The challenge is too truly look at the definition of “peaceful” and compare to the actions of those groups, or perhaps some of the individuals involved. Is there evidence that the actions displayed at these “protests” have been in any way peaceful? In my opinion the evidence of violence and disorder are documented and the facts.

MN incidence1    MN incidence2

presidential incidence1   presidential incidence2

In history, there have been successful peaceful protests. Perhaps all need a reminder of how this can work successfully without violence.

I am not against people expressing their objection or disapproval. However, when the actions of those protesting cause harm to others or harm law enforcement officials trying to maintain some sort of controlled order….it does not display peaceful actions.



One thought on “Peaceful protests?

  1. I am interested to know what turns a peaceful protect into one of war and combat. I have never personally been involved in a protest, so I do not know what elements cause the situation to shift from the intended approach.

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