Philando Castile: His Life Mattered

1philandocastileBefore I unveil my intended discussion. I  would like to disclose the criteria and requested guidelines, by my professor for this specific class blog. My instructions were to find a blog post, or online story from a mainstream organization, and to identify any inaccuracies that it may present, or anything that I may disagree with. The topic of the story was my choice, and I was encouraged to state my own personal opinions. That being said, and not shying away from my own vocality and passion on the matter, I have chosen to discuss a posting about the Philando Castile shooting.

I found a website called “Blue Lives Matter” Blue – as in our “boys in blue” (police officers). Sound familiar? It should. The title was coined from the Black Lives Matter organization. Philando Castile, just so happen to be an african american man. (Pre disclosure, I’m not here to provide a play by play of the horrific events that lead to Castile’s death. Because if you are like me, and several others you have already seen the unjust, and terrifying footage that was aired live on Twitter, by Castile’s fiancé). I want to discuss a posting on Blue Lives Matter, that disclosed Castile’s criminal record (none were of violent nature), and the number of times that he had previously been arrested. The fact that the police officer whose deadly shot took a young mans life and left his family in mourning, should not be foreshadowed by unrelated past events. The gun never should of been drawn to begin with ( in my utterly humbled opinion)! Apparently the officer had an inkling that Castile may have been a suspect in an armed robbery. If that is the case, was proper protocol taken by the officer when he pulled Castile’s vehicle over and approached ? Whether Castile has a criminal record or not, many of us seen the video, we saw Castile take his last breath. Nothing in my 20/20 vision was able to see why that young man was shot and killed in front of his fiancé, and her young daughter for that matter.


2 thoughts on “Philando Castile: His Life Mattered

  1. I completely agree that his past record should not even be a topic conversation in Philando’s tragic death investigation. It doesn’t matter if he DID rob a bank a week ago…that is NOT justification for the actions this police officer took for this situation. I hear you, and I’m with you.

  2. This is such a tragically sad case. When the people you love the most see have to see you murdered this way is fucking horrible. I cannot fathom that the people sworn to protect us (the cops) are one of the people we have to fear the most. Fear to me is not respect—it’s obedience. And unfortunately, even when you are being obedient, you can still be killed by one of them. It’s not ethically right that someone can intentionally murder another human and get away with it.

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