Raising Minimum Wage

When it comes to public issues there is a lot to pick from. I deceived to choose an issue that and can relate to; an issue that affects or have affected as well as those around.


I decided to talk about issue of raising minimum wage and why I am against it. First, lest talk about what minimum actually is. According to Webster  minimum wage is define as the lowest amount that is allowed to be paid. Minimum wage was introduced in 1938 and started at 25 cents per hour. Since then it is been changed about 22 times by congress. In 2009 it went up to $7.25 per hour and it has been that until now that people have advocated for the rise of minimum wage and some business have raise it to $10 per hour.


Before we get into why I don’t think raising the minimum wage is a good idea, let me first tell you how this issue relates to me.

Just a few years ago I was making working at Wal-Mart and making about $7.70/hr. I was 20/21 years old full time college student paying rent and electric bills and more. Obviously it was very difficult to live and keep up with bills. Long story short I had to take a break from school and moved back home to figure out a way to get a higher paying job. Now I know people would say see…! This is why they should raise the minimum wage. Lets keep in mind that I had no job skills and not much of a work history either (I had my first real job at 20 years old). But the point is that I was seeking a higher education and I knew that that wasn’t a job I could make a living on.

Here are four of the top reasons why I am against raising minimum wage

  1. It will raise unemployment rate

When all companies are required to raise minimum wage to a significantly higher amount, workers will get laid of. If a company is going to pay employees more, they will lay some people off and increase the work duties for the few that they keep. the more people that are laid of, the higher the unemployment rate is.


  1. Business will close

When the minimum wage rises, it affects small business. Smaller business cannot afford the extra money it will take to keep employees so it forces them to close. The more business close, less jobs are available, again causing higher unemployment rates.


  1. The price of housing will go.

It takes no genius to know that the higher he wage the more housing will cost. So what is the point of making more money if a big chunk of it will go to your landlord? So you see, the problem doesn’t change it just takes another form.


  1. Teenagers and young adults will be unable to find a job

Teenagers and young adults make up a big part of those earning minimum wage. Its hard for teenagers to even get hire by commons at minimum wage so let companies will definitely not want to pay higher wages to teenagers with no job skills.

I do believe the minimum wage is not sufficient to live on but Jobs that pay minimum wage are not meant to make a living on. These jobs are meant to be a starting point to get one to the next level. Since minimum wage is not enough it should push those who are not satisfied with it to get some education that will give them a better chance at economic mobility.




One thought on “Raising Minimum Wage

  1. Even though I am a bleeding hear liberal, I was opposed to raising the minimums wage. It’s a complicated topic, but I do believe that people should be able to provide for themselves and their families if they work 40 hours a week.

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