Have False News Sites Destroyed Social Medias Credibilty?

I would describe the public in regards to our class as a group of peers who have varying levels of expertise in many knowledgeable areas. In regards to our Professor (Andrew) he provides years of experience in teaching people how to think about certain ways of communicating. He also provides how to utilize the evolving technology that is available to everyone around us to make us successful communicators with these new Social Media sites. In my eyes this is an awesome opportunity to bounce ideas or inform others who have a thirst for knowledge like myself.

New York Times Article


The link that I have provided is to New York Times Article titled Facebook, in Cross Hairs After Election, Is Said to Question Its Influence. The reason that I chose to provide this link is because I believe its relevant to our class because it highlights one of Social Media Platforms that our groups have used throughout the semester. It is about how people believe like Zeynep Tufekci (an associate professor at North Carolina), that the amount of false news stories that appeared on Facebooks home page had a direct impact on the Presidential race.image

In my opinion during this recent Presidential race that I found there were numerous false sites that were being shared by my friends, attacking both candidates during the race. Particularly with people who I went to high school with, it seemed people were not even reading the articles that they would share to their Facebook friends, just would see a dramatic title and assume that it was a credible news source. What I ask you, is do you believe that these false sites contributed to affecting some ways in which people vote?


One thought on “Have False News Sites Destroyed Social Medias Credibilty?

  1. Yes! I think sharing false information influences the way people vote. People are choosing to vote based on feeling rather than by being informed. When people see these false stories, many people start believing that they are true.

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