Obama the next Great Evil?

**I want to start off by saying that I in no way believe that President Obama is evil, I am merely going for an attention-grabbing title.** (here to criticize a few articles)



Prior to this year’s election President Obama went on a Youtube.com and Facebook program called MiTu TV. During the interview several questions were asked in regards to immigrants, voting, and if illegal immigrants should be afraid. After the interview was posted online an unbelievable s*&$ storm hit the country. Fox News, and many other websites attacked President Obama for saying he told “illegal” immigrants to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton. The links below went on the attack calling Obama evil for stating that undocumented immigrants in our country need to vote and commit voter fraud to ensure that Donald Trump does not become the next President of the United States. Please take a few minutes to read the articles, these authors clearly lost their minds when this interview occurred.


Jan Brewer: ‘Absolutely Shocking’ for Obama to Suggest Illegal Alien Voter Fraud Will Be Ignored

Obama Urges Undocumented Aliens To Illegally Vote


One former Republican Governor said that she was absolutely shocked that President Obama will not be investigated for suggesting that illegal aliens should attempt to vote. TV host Neil Cavuto (Fox News) said “He is advocating an illegal act here.”



When I first read these articles a few weeks back I think I may have executed some of the best eye rolls I have ever had in my short 26 years. Well, if you are a sane person such as myself (at least I think I am) and watched the ENTIRE video that President Obama did with Gina Rodriguez, you would understand that this was just an attempt to further demolish the reputation of our current president by right wing republicans.

The video that Yournewswire.com posted shows a 33 second clip to help encourage people to take Obama out of context. If were to sit down and listen around the mark from 3:20 to 4:40, Obama says something along the lines of “that if you know an illegal immigrant or have an illegal immigrant as a family member, that you as a LEGAL citizen need to understand the importance of voting for these undocumented people.” He SPECIFICALLY specifies that legal citizens need to get out and vote to help defend these people who feel threatened of deportation.

This is where news and politics becomes a problem for me, Fox news deliberately took this entire interview out of context. People we need to fully understand what people are saying, you cannot rely on news sources who are known supporters of another political party to be unbiased during an interview on a hot topic with an upcoming election happening.

Link to the actual video (please watch from 3:20-4:40)

EXCLUSIVE: Gina Rodriguez Interviews President Obama – mitú

Please take a minute to watch the type of impact these out of context claims had on people in our country.

Trump supporters’ claim stuns CNN anchor




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