While driving into work this morning, I was listening to my favorite morning show. This particular morning, they happened to be discussing a new product they had come across, the SQUATTY POTTY. This revolutionary stool is designed to help you revert back to the natural “squatting” angle. What the Squatty Potty does is it mimics a natural squat position, the is easy to use and highly effective in positioning the colon for effortless bowel movements.

At first I thought this was just another joke that that the KFAN morning show was doing for a bit, to increase viewership through humor. I had to look into and get to the bottom of this whole Squatty Potty movement. However, after researching online when I got to work this morning, the Squatty Potty is in fact an actual product that is not only sold on squatty-pottyAmazon.com, but also retail stores such as Target. Seeing this I had to know more, they have a whole VIDEO about a Unicorn, discussing how it changes the way you poop.


After looking through their website where they claim that it “The modern day toilet is convenient, but has one major fault; it requires us to sit. While sitting to do our business may be considered “civilized”, studies show the natural squat position improves our ability to eliminate. The Squatty Potty decreases many modern day ailments including


bloating, straining, hemorrhoids, constipation and overall health with better bowel movements.”

However, I found a BLOG that was written by Stephen Propatier (Certified acute care nurse practionar) who delved into the research the Squatty Potty claims to have done. He states in his blog “There is no real evidence that better bowel movements equate with better health. There is also no evidence that squatting produces a larger or more complete bowel movement, even though the Squatty Potty position may make an easier bowl movement, that doesn’t equate to bigger or healthier.”

While the reviews are positive online and Shark Tank actually invested in it, the claims that it helps bloating, straining, hemorrhoids, constipation and overall health with better bowel movements is unsubstantiated. It however has been proven to increase better bowel movements, so there is a positive note to this investigation. The relatively cheap product can revert you back to the days when humans squatted to discharge their stool, but now it allows you to use a stool to increase better bowel (stool) movements.

Maybe the creepiest Unicorn I have ever seen? Thoughts?

Take a look below at the Amazon.com link to purchase if interested!

Amazon-Squatty Potty


One thought on “A HEALTHIER WAY TO POOP?

  1. This is a very confusing noun: stool or stool? I enjoyed this blog. I particularly like the unicorn. So creepy. I mean who makes eye contact when pooping?

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