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**For the past few months I have begun training for Grandmas Marathon that takes place every summer in Duluth, MN. I have regularly been researching the best eating habits, and training tips for someone who wants to run a full marathon (26.2 miles). The two links below have been helpful on getting started with this training. **

There are many common misconceptions of people who want to become marathon runners. Many people believe that all you need to do successfully to train for a marathon is to consistently increase your weekly mileage amount. They believe that you do not have to worry about building endurance before you can start training, they also believe marathon nutrition is not an important factor for runners training for a marathon.

I am here to point out that both misconceptions are in fact largely important for the beginning and even during the process of training for a full marathon or marathons. For a marathon runner, you need to understand that there are four building blocks of Marunningrathon Training (Base Mileage, The Long Run, Speed Work, and Rest and Recovery) as well staying diligent on weight management, carbohydrate intake, fasting workouts, carbo- and fat- loading, drinking beet juice, and staying hydrated.

In my opinion to get started on marathon training you need to understand that you have to build a mileage endurance over a number of months to safely begin training for a marathon, as well as understating that runners need to understand the appropriate levels of carbohydrates they need to consume after their first few training sessions are the building blocks of success in the process of beginning to train for a full marathon.carbs

On race day, the combination of advice from my two links suggest that you really need to listen to your body and understand what it is asking for during your race. Don’t overindulge on beverages at the first few stations and don’t start off the marathon too fast as these both can lead to catastrophic failures because you over compensated during the first 10 miles. The most important rule I found and believe my self is truly LISTEN to what your body is telling you before, during, and after the race to make sure it is completely satisfied.

If you train correctly, eat right, and listen to your body you will be successful in you training and running of a full marathon!



The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition

Your First Marathon


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