Talkspace: Therapists at a convenience?


Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the things on your to-do list? You figured that by creating and organizing your daily tasks that it will make it easier to handle. But sometimes you can’t fulfill the items on your to-do list because life happens where we have no control over.

Working a full-time job and a being a full-time student can sometimes be overwhelming. Trying to balance that with my personal life is a complete plateful! When I become overwhelmed by these things, I begin to panic. I start to regret at what I’ve could have done that reigned priority before the other things on my to-do list. Then instantaneously, my breathing gets heavy and my heart is racing. Oh no! I’m having a panic attack. So what do I do? I sit down, close my eyes, and control my breathing by taking deep breaths. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a one-time episode. I’ve had other episodes before where I will be sitting at work or being awaken by night terrors and the panic attack takes over again.

1884e9zof7czzjpgTo ease my mind, I was scrolling through Pinterest one sleepless night and there are a various pins that contained lists on how to overcome anxiety, what you should be doing in your twenties, etc. It was overwhelming, but I then noticed that each time I scrolled, I came across a sponsored pin about Talkspace. From what I remembered, the caption catch phrases used were along the lines of,

“Confidential and anonymous therapy at the touch of a button.”

Trying to overcome my emotional and overwhelming state, I decided to look into and downloaded the app. I was nervous. And honestly, asking for help when it comes to mental health/issues is not easy. I felt discouraged, depressed, and I didn’t believe in myself. It was difficult, so using this app would be a step forward…at least that’s what I had hoped for.

Upon joining, I was prompted to pay for their therapy service. It was alarming. What I had assumed based on the reviews and the website, I was deceived. I know that scheduling therapy with a real life therapist isn’t cheap but just using the app was not cheaper. Without the promotional discount, the basic service monthly is about $128!!! But I was desperate. I used the the discount code and $30 was subtracted but that is still roughly $100 a month. Moving forward, I got connected with the dispatcher of therapists that will assign me to a licensed therapist. It took almost two days before they can respond and assign me to someone. As soon as I was assigned I was messaging my therapist about myself and the issues I’m having in regards to my work/life balance. But the replies he would give me were general and what seemed to be a generated response based on the keywords of my message. With almost two weeks in using this service, I felt that it was becoming a waste of time because I could not get to the therapist’s message right away and his responses only come in once a day.

I had then scheduled a 10-minute live chat with my therapist to get real-time responses. But once again, it was hard to explain my situation and his response were yet again, vague and seemed ingenuine. After that I decided to cancel my membership with it because it did not help me at all.

I hoped that this app was going to be some sort of help with the issues that I had in regards to my work-life balance, but it seemed sketchy when I had to pay for service that I don’t receive initially. It is a good idea to have something of this service but when one is in need of assistance or just the relief that there is someone to speak to, that’s the service to be seeking for. So, based on this, I give this app a thumbs down for I did not receive life changing solutions.



One thought on “Talkspace: Therapists at a convenience?

  1. I am sorry to hear that this app did not do you justice. Thank you for sharing. I find it cheaper to find a therapist either through your insurance company or google facilities. It is unfortunate that the cost to seek help is so expensive. ULifeLine is a good website to find resources in your college. Metro State has counseling FREE of charge.

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