A Matter of Grace…

Mr. Sean Hannity has an obvious conservative bias. He broadly points out on his show Sean Hannity that the Left are sore losers. Hannity cites that women are cutting their hair in protest as if to say they are hysterical.  Football players kneel during the playing of the national anthem in protest. Why didn’t he paint them as hysterical?   What he leaves out is that both President Obama and Secretary Clinton have stated that President-Elect Trump will be the next president and they continue to push for a smooth transition of power.

Sean proclaims “Ladies; your uteruses (sic) will be fine.”  Never mind that Trump has publicly stated that he favors “some form of punishment” for women who have abortions.  Conservatives in Ohio, encouraged by the results of the presidential election, recently passed a sweeping abortion bill.

He then turns to renown film producer Michael Moore.  Michael Moore has said that ordinary people would not fair well in the Trump administration era.  Sean took exception to this view announcing that there are 8 million more people in poverty.  The actual number is 43.1 million in poverty per the most recent Census report (Sept 2015).  In 2008 the Census reported 39.8 million individuals in poverty.  Simple math shows a 3.3 million increase with most statistical models indicating a downward trend in 2016. What Sean likely did, was take the highest number during President Obama’s nearly 8 years in office and compare that to the 2008 number.  He then rounded up a half million or so.

In short, his position is full of half-truths and exaggerations. We owe President-Elect Trump a chance to do his best for the country.  His own statements and recent appointments have given many causes for concern across a wide variety of issues.  We should not jump to conclusions before Trump takes office, but we should honor the freedom of speech and find a respectful to disagree with one another. Sean’s bullying demeanor and name calling are a disgraceful contradiction.


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