Hello iMovie

I have never in my life been tech savvy. I mean I’ve played a video game or too, as well as burning some CD’s. But, I will typically be the first one to stray from the tech world and the creativity that goes into it. I would much rather delegate that job to someone else. Though I love the whole creative element of putting a video together and the direction of it all. I am not a fan of editing, or production.

On one bright and cold sunny afternoon. I got smacked in the face with IMovie. I had to put together a video. I had to work with photos, sound, timing, editing. I was petrified! I was completely out of my league. Luckily, a few peers stuck around to help me get started. I sat back and watched them fiddle around and learn as they went along. It seemed kinda easy when I was in the passenger seat, but what about when I would have to drive that bad boy home all alone? I thought i’d put if off momentarily and try not to think of it. I was all about the calm before the storm, or so I thought.

It was a brisk Saturday evening. I’ve got my Mac and my wine – wait thinking back it may have been Vodka, but let’s stick with the wine, it serenades my environment with fanciness. Either way I opened my classy mac lap top and dug into iMovie. It was so cool! The transitions, the music, the production oh my! It was such a lovely, educational and fun distraction from reading and writing paper after paper. iMovie will make anyone feel as though they finally tapped into their deepest level of creativity ( I certainly did). Wait a minute, wake up from your techie dream – its all iMovie, and it’s user friendly program. Score!







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