All Lives Matter (?)

Do All Lives Matter? Yes absolutely.

In the past few years there have been a lot of police shootings and police brutality, the victims –  most of them are Black people. From Eric Gardner to Philando Castile, you can’t deny that there is a pattern here. Same situation, same conflict, same result.

When do we as society finally be in solidarity in crisis like this? As much as this affects Black people this also affects us a society.

When I hear someone say “all lives matter” I tell them “yes that’s right!” and then immediately ask a follow up question asking why they are saying that? I’m asking this question because they probably don’t know exactly what that means how it is affecting people. In an article that I found in the Huffington Post titled:

Every Time You Say “All Lives Matter” You Are Being an Accidental Racist

I find this very satirical and powerful because it is prominent right now. The statement “All Lives Matter”, I think, already has a stigma attached to it. All Lives Matter came after the Black Lives Matter Movement. From this, I find it that when All Lives Matter began trending, it was for people who felt left out and didn’t think their lives mattered too. This stigma about black lives matter… more is wrong! No one is saying black lives matter more. Black Lives Matter’s goal is to make themselves and their oppression recognized by everyone. For so long, Black people have fought against oppression after slavery ended and even today we still can’t figure our shit out. In my opinion, All Lives Matter is offensive because it seeks to overlook Black Lives Matter.


In a Netflix series called: Michael Che. He was formerly a member of SNL and in this show he talks about getting into an argument over semantics when it comes to the phrase “Black Lives Matter”. A line that I found very memorable he said “If your wife came up to “Do you love me” and you were like “Baby, I love everybody. What are you talking about?””

Michael Che



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