Climate Change- Let’s compost

Working at the natural resources-based park, whose mission is to promote environmental stewardship though recreation and education in a natural resources-based sysetem, I wanted to go more in details of why natural resources are important.

In Minneapolis, specifically to park districts, we innovated recycling and composting programsThese policies are helpful in solving big problems and they do not get in the way of larger changes. Three Rivers is a model of sustainable regional system of parks and trails that needs of the present while ensuring that the needs of the future generations are well met.

“Sort System”

Many facilities are now innovating the “sort system” which consist of recycle, trash, and compost. This system has been helpful in ways that minimize landfills’ contribution to climate change. Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as fertilizer. Composting help grow plants, improving quality of soils. It speeds up the natural process of decomposition. Unlike product labeled “ biodegradable,” compostable products degrade within several months in commercial compost facilities without producing toxic residues. Composting is a desirable feature in disposable products such as plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery. These products are commonly made out of sugar cane fibers or vegetable starch.

Three Rivers Park district is a natural resources management based park. They conserve water, save energy, reduce overhead and provide green spaces or current and future population. Their vision is “Through leadership, advocacy, innovation and action.” Three Rivers collect organics at eight facilities and it is sent to a commercial composting facility where it is turned into soil.

Compost pile undergoes aerobic decomposition. It provides CO2(carbon dioxide) It provides CO2 instead of methane. Composting will have a positive impact including emissions avoidance and carbon sequestration. Small changes in carbon stored in soil could make a significant impact on the global carbon balance.


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