Just Dance

I have been dancing ever since I was 3 years old doing the moonwalk to Michael Jackson’s Beat It.


I have been dancing professionally for 5 years now. I have danced for a dance company called ShapeShift where we performed a fusion of hip hop and contemporary dance at the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis. I am currently part of a hip hop dance crew formed as part of an entertainment group for the Minnesota Timberwolves called 612 Crew. Check us out at HOME games! I am a professional dancer at Mystic Lake Casino where we perform every Friday night (insert self marketing) from 8pm-1am – check that one too!

My goal as a professional dancer is to continue my journey and hopefully land bigger roles and job opportunities for myself and taking those skills to build my own brand and name. A lot of people ask me why I am want to work as a professional dancer and the answer that I give people, who don’t dance, three words – I LOVE IT! It’s my passion and I find myself excelling in it.

Working in the entertainment industry especially as a performer we get a countless eye rolls and immediately attach a stigma to it describing dance not being a sustainable career choice. I used to get this from my own mother; however, as I proved myself in my craft landing several consistent paying jobs she can finally start to understand my choice. Dance is not for everyone but I don’t discourage anyone to pursue it!


I came across a blog from Steezy. Steezy is a dance-based community blog site where they discuss topics related to the overall dance community. By overall, I mean all types of dance not just hip hop. The blog that I read focused on what I have been constantly trying to find to help me explain to people why I love to dance. It’s titled Why I’m thankful to be a dancer.

The three that stood out to me were:

  • Identity
  • Freedom
  • Support System

IDENTITY – when I was in high school I was teased and bullied where I find myself not knowing my identity and so I am taken advantage of. I didn’t have a “clique” or part of the popular crowd. Honestly I hated high school. Until I began dancing in high school where I found my identity and found my own crowd.

FREEDOM – As with any form of art, you can find relief and an escape from all the BS the world has to offer. It’s my safe space. And I feel FREE!

SUPPORT SYSTEM – The support system in the dance community is indescribable – but I’ll do it anyway. Everyone wants each other to succeed. That’s it. There are few bad apples in every community but overall it’s very supportive. It’s very refreshing talking to someone who you just met and immediately connect about dance. There’s a lot of empathy in the dance community.

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