Moral Obligation

“Between now and tomorrow morning, 40,000 children will starve to death. The day after tomorrow, 40,000 more children will die” In a world that has enough to spare, the amount of human beings dying or suffering from hunger, malnutrition, and hunger related diseases is staggering. It is known that people that are well off come to help those who are in jeopardy of death due to starvation. Most people think that the famished and malnourished should be helped.

The United Nations wanted 1 billion dollars to take care of the famine belongings but only got 1/3 of that.I think we are morally obligated to help the starving mass. Put yourself in their shoes. The issue with people is that many (though not all), were born into incredibly fortunate circumstances especially in the United States. They grew up with good education opportunities, mentors who supported them, food to eat and clothes on their back. Most of the world’s poorest have no control over the poverty they were born into and consequently effects their life. Everyone is dealt a different hand and I firmly believe we each have a moral obligation to give back as much as possible.

What seem like pennies in the eyes of the wealthy translates to days of food, a year of school, or clothes on one’s back to the worlds neediest. Granted, yes I agree that money doesn’t solve our world’s problems. The US is the leading country in international aid, yet the world is still plagued by poverty, hunger, and disease. We need more people willing to fight from the public level, but these individuals need money to do so.


A person should look outside of their welfare of one’s society. So instead of thinking about spending money on that new item you saw at mall you could use that money to benefit a starving person elsewhere. If this will prevent an end to a well-known starvation, then it is worth taking the risk.

Some may argue that money should not be given to relief programs until there is an effective population growth control. That in relieving famine it will only temporarily post pone the inevitable starvation. So why help with reliving if it will affect their future?  Another assumption is that if people do not donate money then the government will so why waste their personal money that they can use to support themselves and their families? But is that money and aid given by the government enough for ALL those people? It doesn’t hurt to sacrifice a bit of your hard-earned wealth.

And it should not matter if that person is near you or further away on the other side of the world for you to help them. We should give until we reach the level of Marginal utility.  One should give what they can but it is not an obligation if they don’t have it.


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