Picture perfect

My love for Instagram  started shortly when I decided i wanted to start a beauty channel on youtube and also start a beauty blog.I started doing research on blogging and of course taking great pictures was one of the top subjects. I started to realize that posting pictures on Instagram wasn’t as easy as I thought. Before, I would take a picture and if I look good in it, I would post it. but now , my research have thought me otherwise. Instagram is your personal brand so you have to brand yourself perfectly through your pictures. So taking the perfect pictures matter. Instagram is all about visually appealing pictures.

I decided to take a photography class so I can learn how to use DSLR and practice taking the picture.

Things to consider when taking the perfect instagram pictures…


  1. Lighting


screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-5-08-42-pmLighting will make or break your pictures. So it is important to find the right lighting while taking your picture. Taking your pictures in front of a window is the number one choice because natural indirect light is best. Now, if you are light me and don’t get enough light in your house then consider using artificial lights. I use my ring light because I am not about to go stand outside for a picture.


  1. Filters




Filters are important because the give a certain feel that you are going for with a pic. It is also used to create a cohesive feed. A cohesive feed is trendy on instagram right now. This gives a certain type of professionalism to your Instagram.



  1. Editing Apps



Apps for editing are extremely important in the instagram world. Editing apps are where you will find and adjust your filters. You can also adjust the color, temperature and saturation to get a crisp looking picture. You can also adjust the blurriness of your background.


My Instagram feed and pictures Are nowhere near where I want it to be but I’m still experimenting to find my personal


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