Story time

Ahmednur Ali was a very young and talented man, but his life was taken away.  My cousin Ahmednur was only twenty years old, and he was murdered in front of the Brian Coyle Community Center. Brian Coyle is in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, which is the home of the most Somali immigrants in Minnesota. Ahmednur was walking back to Augsburg College from volunteering at Brian Coyle, and he got into an argument with Somali gang members at the center. The gang member retaliated against my brother and shot him to death. Ali was murdered in broad daylight, and there were plenty of witnesses that saw him get murdered, but they wouldn’t want to step up because they fear their lives. Now in time I understood what life is. Being a Muslim person I believe in the hereafter, heaven, or hell, and that this life is just temporary. I got caught up with this materialistic life style and stopped being the best Muslim I can be, but that changed after my cousin died it was a wakeup call because I was with him a couple of hours before and after that he was just gone. In Islam, there is quote Inna Allah wa Inna Allah rajuun meaning “To Allah we belong, to Allah we will return “. Life can be taken away from you in any moment, and death is the only thing in life that will happen for sure to ever single human being. After this event I became a better Muslim, started to wear the hijab (my head scarf) more, started to pray my prayers and started to understand what life truly means.

Islam is unique in that it is more than a religion—rather it is a complete way of life providing a belief system and code of conduct for a successful and happy society. I decided to research and speak about my religion because it has a big influence in my life and everything I do. As a Muslim woman, how we are seen in society in my opinion needs to be cleared and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. Islam not only influences my relationships but everything else that goes on in my life. This blog gave me a chance to write about my view of things without having to shy away or worry about other people’s opinion.islam


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