Have you ever watch Tomi Lahren‘s segments on The Blaze? She is just considered one of my top 5 most terrible and hypocritical person. Just to give you guys a heads up – this is a rant.


I came across one of her most popular segments which she talks about how, after Donald Trump’s Presidential win over Hillary Clinton, protesters against Trump’s win are having “tantrums”. She begins her Final Thoughts segment by defining what a protest is; “a peaceful objection to a grievance.” Yes that’s true. She then continues to define “sore losers occupying a space is called a tantrum.” Ummm okay? Here’s the thing. Occupying a space isn’t called a tantrum. But being frustrated over something we are passionate about isn’t bad. Whose to say that having a tantrum is bad? Unless it’s for no good reason. People are mad. They are mad that a misogynistic and racist person just got elected into office. This is their opinion and they are exercising their freedom of speech.

She states that she doesn’t recall experiencing mass protest after President Obama won in 2008 and 2012. To my knowledge there was protests happening after his win and inauguration. In fact, there were protesters that had signs written with racial slurs and violent threats against him. And you’re calling Trump protesters violent? A majority of protests against Trump consist of marching down streets and chanting “Trump’s not my President”.  I don’t hear anything about threats or racial slurs about him.

Her position on this matter is so frustrating that I wish she could hear herself talk. Fact check your facts Tomi! She was recently a guest on Trevor Noah‘s show where Trevor completely destroys her logic.


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