Thank you for being good to me.

The month of December is a time for me to reflect on all things that has happened throughout the year. I begin by taking a few steps backwards from the end result of the beginning of the year. For example, today marks the end of fall semester. I have to admit that out of all the semesters in college, this one was by far the most difficult. The reason being is that the classes that I took are the last classes for my major. It was this semester that challenged me with skills, especially with writing. I had also took part in an internship at the university that involved content strategy and marketing. The style of writing was definitely out of my element and I struggled. But thankfully, the end result was rewarding. Furthermore, I persevered through it.

Now, let’s take more steps back. Actually, I’ll jump to the beginning of the year. I was working retail at the time and enjoyed my schedule because it didn’t get in the way of my classes. However, I was working at LOFT in Mall of America. Please take note that I live a little over 30 minutes away from the mall, so driving became a hassle. I began debating on whether I really needed this job or to not work at all and finish my studies. Thankfully, my prayers were answered and an opportunity presented itself. There was a full-time receptionist position at Buerkle Honda that opened up.


  • MUCH CLOSER TO HOME! And this was the main reason I really looked into the job.
  • The hours are fixed (Monday to Friday/8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Having the weekends off would help me in balancing my other obligations outside of school and work.
  • Higher pay. HECK YES!


  • No more retail discount. (One the main reasons I wanted to stay.)

As you can see, it was only right that I take the position and I did. I couldn’t be any happier and blessed to be given this opportunity.

Since being in this job, I’ve been able to connect and network with various people. To name a few account executives from KSTP and iHeart Media, AutoAlert (customer database for dealerships), the regional manager of Honda, and the owners of Buerkle Automotive Group. Also, I was able to be part of Buerkle Honda’s T.V. commercial.

Lastly, I was a winner for one of 25 scholarship applicants from Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association (GMADA) that is offered to employees and dependents to those employed by the dealership under their association.

What I’m really trying to get at is that through crazy turn events and the many changes that happened for me, there was always something good that came out of it. Sometimes you have to make decisions that will benefit you at an instant. And there are many opportunities that you cannot pass up.

So to all,

Good luck in 2017! Persevere through the ups and downs of life because the end of it will be rewarding.


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