Things we need to leave behind in 2016

This year has been an interesting year. I am excited to see what 2017 have in store for us but 2016 went by way too fast. As the year reaches an end there is a lot that I feel should be left behind in 2016 and not follow us into to 2017. There are many things I feel should be left behind but I’m just going to give just few random ones.

1.Protesting Donald Trump 



This election has been the most intense election I have seen. There were a lot of emotion involved in this presidential campaign but the protesting Trump win has got to stop. Yes, I know this election was quite disappointing and I understand everyone’s frustrating but saying Donald trump is not your president and protesting his win has got to stop. Listen, he will indeed be the president because he was elected. As heart wrenching as that may be, protesting is not going to change that. The government will not say, hey the people don’t like him even though he won, let us replace him. I’m sorry but it will never happen. So the sooner we accept it as what it is, the sooner we can put our energy on something more meaningful… like social change. *[Insert eyeroll here].*


  1. Makeup shamers 





Ah, My favorite. Although I’m saying this should be left behind in 2016, I will admit that I’m going to miss getting a kick out so some of the comments. These Makeup shaming comments comes in so many different ways. Just for the heck of it I will name my top two favorites.

  • Girls who wear makeup are insecure.




Stop saying girls wear makeup because they are insecure. Girls were makeup because the like it and it’s fun. You are a girl and you don’t like makeup, that’s ok, but it doesn’t mean everyone should be as basic as you. And if a girl wears makeup because she’s insecure, it is probably because people like you go around giving your unsolicited opinions.


  • Take her swimming on the first date (it’s false advertisement)



Listen, fellas, if you truly belief that a girl naturally has gold eyelid and red or purple lips with a wing liner than something is wrong with you. That is a problem that needs to be addressed separately.




Body Shamers




I think we are coming along way with the idea that it is not ok to shame people for their body type. We have definitely taken big steps to stop this issue, but the problem I have with this whole non-body shaming movement is that it seems like it’s only a problem to body shame some one if the have a certain body type.

Ok, lets keep it all the way real and not sugar coat this Sh**t. It only seems to be a problem when larger women are body shamed. So it is wrong for someone to tell a big person that they are fat or they need to loose weight but it is ok for these bigger women to tell smaller women that they are too skinny, they need some meat on their bones, or men like something to hold on to and think this is empowerment for their body type? No, its hypocrisy at it’s finest. Let us all practice what we preach, better yet let us all just not comment on other body type.


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