More recently, we find ourselves getting our news through social media. Facebook has become the marquee for global news and is now the main source. Yes, receiving news on the internet is not new and also from Facebook is not new to us as well. But you know what’s been brand new and trending? Fake news. False news circulating around Facebook is the most recent thing to hit the…news. No pun intended.

You ask yourself; “how can I distinguish between real news and fake news on social media?” You can avoid clicking on a link to news that seem to good to be true. And always, always, always double check. Even triple check if you have to. These days people don’t fact-check information they hear and end up believing stories that first pop up on their news feed. The article that I found has more detail explaining ways to fact check using Snopes – they are dedicated to weeding out the fakes. Fact Check News

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a photo after an interview with Reuters in his office in Trump Tower, in the Manhattan borough of New York City

This topic has been around for awhile but what pushed this to the fore front of news headlines was during the Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Fake news plagued the web during this year during both of their campaigns. Many of these fake stories about each candidate was used to manipulate voter’s decision. In this article titled “Click and elect: how fake news helped Donald Trump win a real election“, they focus on the myths and stories made about Clinton and Trump. They also go into how Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will tackle these problems.



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