New President

I truly  believe  that having  a new president in the White House means a new beginning for all American and more opportunities to rebuild our country to be stronger than ever before. Lets embrace this changes and give our new president  a chance.


2 thoughts on “New President

  1. I truly believe that using proper grammar is going to make you a more effective communicator. President is capitalized. Americans should be plural. “These changes” not “this changes.”

    Also, I find your opinion to be absurd. It is against the best interest of Americans to say “just give him a chance” about a man who has shown that he is only interested in benefitting himself, is crude enough to talk about grabbing women by the pussy and has shown to have mental illness including a narcissistic personality disorder.

    I would love for you to provide evidence that supports your juvenile and uninspiring statement.

    As a graduate who is no longer in your class, feel free to completely ignore me. Now that I have said my piece, that is certainly what I plan to do with you.

  2. I agree with you and disagree with you.

    I agree that using proper grammar and spelling allows the writer to better convey his/her point of view. It is definitely easier for the reader if grammatical rules are followed.

    I totally disagree with how you troll the class blog page to insult a students first blog posting. Ask yourself if you think this would help or hurt a first time blogger? I have been told you are an author, and that you are writer. Since when does one have to “prove” ones opinions? If this is true where is your proof that your opinion is correct and hers in wrong.

    I agree with you politically, but I don’t believe in bullying people. In my opinion you made a decision to bully her by your post. By the way, I find your statement much more juvenile and uninspiring.

    I would be careful… you sound a bit like your nemesis, Donald Trump.

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