Fitness and the Mind

I don’t know when this started exactly, but it was around the time of a very stressful moment in my life where I felt that I had no where to go and no one to turn to. Starting college, I had a lot of anxiety (self diagnosed), I know but ask anyone and they will tell you that I am the biggest worry wart they know. I started declining in my school work and over thinking so many things in life that it was driving me crazy – family, friends, pets you name it.

I started recording my own workouts to inspire others and keep myself motivated on my Instagram @bren_dango

I had a friend who was that crazy gym girl. She was focused, dedicated, driven, strong- basically all the adjectives you could describe an everyday gym person. What is is that drove her so much? I always thought. I wish I had that drive in me. I would always say. I was sick of saying it and told myself to try it out. It was then when I realized that working out was extremely important to not only our health, but our mind. I’ve seen people making excuses that “they are too busy” or “I don’t have time” or “I will tomorrow” but when will it start? To be honest and straight forward,  I think people who don’t go to the gym are lazy. I admit it, oh I get lazy on many, many days but there is something underneath all that frustration, anger, laziness, whatever excuse, that’s still there; that spark – find it, keep your mind at it because there has never been a time that I’ve heard someone say, “Jeez, I wish I never worked out today” because every workout, small or big will make you feel better. What is it that will drive you? What is it that you want? I found that working out not only made me feel better, but it gave me a better me. My mind functioned better than ever. I am always able to sweat out all the bad things. I am no fitness guru, though I may sound like one sometimes, I don’t understand all the nitty gritty things about fitness nor am I the “you must eat organic and salads everyday to feel better about yourself.”All I say is simple; clear out the junk, get up more, and eat cleaner.  It is definitely easier said than done. There is no doubt that living a more active life leads to a happier you. Here are some articles you can get motivation from:

Why is fitness such a hard thing to incorporate in your daily life? When will people understand that the mind is something that controls your every movement, your decisions, your thoughts. People who work out (regardless of where you do it) have said they are happier. When will your “I will” turn into “I am?” People do not realize the simplicity of fitness and exercise. It is proven that your work ethic at the gym (or in fitness overall) determines what kind of person you are. If you are striving to better yourself at the gym, you are most likely doing the same thing at work, school, etc. What you do at the gym reflects you as a person, your outlook and view of determination. Remember, the only person that’s stopping you, is you.


By Brenda Ngo


One thought on “Fitness and the Mind

  1. It is really hard to build a positive self-esteem especially when you are in a stressful moment in your life. I do agree with you that living a more active life leads to a happier you. Most people do not know about this and they are always looking for how to be focus, dedicated and driven. Well the answer is simple- living active life.

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