Is it getting hot in here?

NASA with all things climate change

Ever since I was very young the environment has been something I have been passionate about protecting. I remember the first time in elementary school that we were all given a Bill Nye the Science Guy tour of how the climate was changing and that there was things we could do to collectively stop it. Well I am sad to say we have collectively let Bill Nye down. Okay we were not the only ones responsible for what is taking place with the earth’s climate but we are definitely contributing to the overall condition of the earth’s ozone.

It is a scary time to be pro-environment in this country as the rhetoric has definitely fallen on the side of apathy and denial throughout the current majority legislature on this topic. Here is the thing, I am all for having an opposing opinion then myself. The argument in this case that is being opposed however is against facts. Climate change is something that can be proven it is happening all around us. When the president of the United States denies climate change it makes me question his logic (I questioned it long before that but  that is a discussion for another time.)

Trump has proven by his recent EPA appointment that environment is about the last thing he is thinking about currently on his presidential totem pole of responsibility as he appointed Scott Pruitt a man who has his hands in the fossil fuel business to spearhead the job. Let me write that again just so everybody doesn’t miss it, a man who’s primary stake of business involves fossil fuel is taking a job to at a government agency that hinges on limiting fossil fuel emission.

Seriously read this Washington Post article on Scott Pruitt and if you have any care for our environment you will have a very similar reaction to Ron Swanson down below..

Scott Pruitt-Washington Post Article


I guess my end all in this is we have to be combative about this. There had been significant strides made in legislature especially through Obama’s tenure that many of us felt was a good foundation to build on. Trump is attempting to come in and bulldoze that foundation right out from underneath us. Talk to your legislators if this is something you are passionate about through social media avenues, or email. Sign petitions when they are available, just use your voice and try and help maintain the progress that has been achieved in the field of environmental protection. Visit the link at the top of the page Nasa for some substantial evidence on what is happening with our planet according to NASA. Too really keep yourself up at night I recommend checking out the effects tab once you have clicked on the link.

The government and its discontents


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