Switching to Cruelty-free

There was a time in my life where I was a hardcore beauty hoarder. My obsession began in 2010 when beauty revolved around makeup, hair products and skin care. I was that girl who bought any beauty products advertised by the social media, especially if it was advertised by beauty gurus on YouTube or Instagram. I would also spend my most of my evenings at my local drugstore or Sephora to see if I can catch any clearance items. I was very satisfied with my lifestyle of hoarding beauty products. I loved the feeling of being proud of my work when I walk to into my bedroom because it looked like a beauty boutique. I thought life couldn’t get better at that time.

I was scrolling through my suggested videos on YouTube one day and I came upon a video on how some beauty products are being tested on animals. I saw the way rabbits were tested, tortured, and killed; and I also saw the way rabbits lived when they’re not being tested. I exited halfway through video because I was saddened and disgusted, but that didn’t change the way I buy my beauty products.

I was actually buying them more than ever, especially on skin care products. I still bought whatever was advertised by my wonderful gurus. It wasn’t until the end of 2015 when the video really started to bother me. The reason why is because I became a pet owner that year. I adopted a rabbit named Bunzy, and not long after him came Midnight.

Bunzy and Midnight became a huge part of my life. I love them as much as anyone would love their pets; however, my guilt grew because I knew I was still using stuff that are tested on animals. I was tortured by my own desires because I couldn’t choose which one to give up on. I would always imagine Bunzy and Midnight in the lab being tested on. I vision them screaming out of distress and eventually die or get killed. Why do I have nasty thoughts like that? I love my pets, but I also love my beauty products so how do I balance the two? I switched over to cruelty-free products!

I donated all of my existing animal tested products to my premature beauty hoarding sisters. They all laughed at my decision on going cruelty-free and the most annoying question I got from them was “Why do you want to go cruelty-free when you’re not even vegetarian or vegan?” Well hello, it’s my decision! Animals are already being sacrificed to feed us so I’ll do my part and appreciate my food by not wasting it; however, I do not need to sacrifice animals for my beauty. There are many products in the market that are cruelty-free and even vegan that I can hoard on.

What do you all think about cruelty-free? Do you think one shouldn’t use cruelty-free products if they still eat meat?

Another question I got was how do I know if a product is cruelty-free? The best way is to email the company directly to ask them. Otherwise I found a few resourceful website that lists most of the brands of cruelty-free products.



Back then I thought life was good, but life is better now because longer feel guilty loving my rabbits.  Am I still a beauty hoarder though? I think I am, but this time is definitely on a smarter and crazier level.


By Ka Xiong

3 thoughts on “Switching to Cruelty-free

  1. Ka. The process of removing animal testing from cosmetic product research had started back in the early 1980’s. I appreciate you updating us with this post. I do not use makeup or skincare products that “animal test”. Actually, many young women and men need to be made aware of the facts about how the products are developed.

    I eat meat and I don’t see that changing. At least not today!

    1. I’m glad we are on the same page. I hope that my passion about cruelty-free will reach the world, especially for the next generation. Thanks for your comment!

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