Is Our Credit Report A Reflection Of Who We Are?

Recently, I was reflecting on how our credit report plays a major role in our lives. Over the years, I personally have experienced the good and the bad aspect of having both and I have definitely learned a lot with those experiences. A credit report is a detailed report on an individual’s credit history generated by three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The credit history becomes a borrower’s responsible repayment of debts from a number of sources, including the banks, credit card companies, collection agencies and governments. These information becomes an important tools used to consider your creditworthiness and the key to your financial life.

The Importance of Good Credit

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a good credit, I wished someone would have educated me during my younger years that my credit score can make-or-break my financial decision in the future. Early on in my life, I soon learned that without a good credit I was unable to obtain the simple necessity such as a car loan, insurance, mortgage, rent an apartment, student loan, and a low interest rate credit card. I was devastated that my financial actions and decisions have rubbed me the freedom of having a good life and being denied has also suggested that I am a risk and irresponsible.

I was eager to undo what I have created and get my credit on the right track. I was fortunate to gain some knowledge from my father in-law who advice me to obtain copies of my credit report from all three agencies. Through him, I learned that every 12 months we are entitled to order a free copy of our credit report from each of the major credit reporting agencies through and also check out this website I truly believe that we can learn a great deal from someone with familiar circumstances and used their information and knowledge to aid our own.

In the process in trying to fix my credit report, my father in-law encouraged and persuaded me to contact all the creditors on my credit report and “Bargain” to a reduced amount to pay off all my debt. I have to say this is the complicated part in trying to fix my credit because most of my debt was during my younger years and still remain on my credit report. The chances of locating the companies information such as telephone number and addresses was quite challenging. Now, most people pay companies a lot of money to fix their credit but I on other hand, appreciated the complication and all that it took to get my credit on the right track.

Valuable Lessons

One valuable lesson I learned through this process that have helped maintain my credit in good standing over the years is going back over the question” Is Our Credit Report A Reflection Of Who We Are?” My take on this is No, because I would like to think we certainly learn from our mistakes as we mature and our childish decision from our past should not hold us captive and define who we are today. I certainly have learned my lessons and vow not to be considered a risk and irresponsible with any company I chose to do business with. Furthermore, there are many ways out there to resolve your credit issues you’re certainly welcome to take my approach and take pride in your accomplishment. I also try to engage my learning by reading articles and visiting website such as this: to continue to improve my knowledge on this matter.


One thought on “Is Our Credit Report A Reflection Of Who We Are?

  1. When I was young and fresh out of high school, I did not think twice about a credit card bill that would show up in the mail the following month. I guess I knew that I would have to pay for the items I was charging at a later date but it was something that I thought I would just deal with later. Eventually I found that I was in over my head and had bills that I could not pay.
    I am thankful that we have the ability to work on our credit and make repairs. While it takes no time to ruin your credit, it can take a long time to fix it but it can be done. I just recently bought a house even though my credit was horrible at one time. We live and learn.

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