The sum of my life

Ever had a sign come to you in the middle of the day that basically summed up your life at your work desk? Well hey it happen today. Just clicking away, kind of a slow morning here at work not much activity you have that one co-worker that always asking you are you alright? is there something i can get you? In you mind you say yes a cold drink but knowing your at work so you cant . So verbally out loud the professional way is no i’m fine just thinking about something.

That one thought is you thinking about your nightly routine of coming home from a long day at work , coming into a house with kids that are running around screaming and jumping on your new furniture. As you open the door no one acknowledges you but your 7 year old daughter, she stops all of a sudden and says ” Hi Daddy” then she looked down at your empty hand and noticed that you didn’t bring home that juice that you drunk this morning that she owned and you purchased. She says “hey where is my juice that you drank up this morning ?are you going to replace it?” my answer is to keep her happy as possible so yes my dear as soon as i get settled in, but her ways of being very impatient come from a long line of family members that couldn’t wait or be late for anything.Being a excellent dad i am, putting on my shoes was my next move and so began to open to door to get that juice she could not wait for. This is were my challenges start with my 7 year old daughter, my sweet precious impatient child.

When i arrive home from the store frozen , toes numb from the cold i shout “hey i got your juice sweet heart, then she runs up and say “thank you daddy love you so much”. Now finally i get to relax for a bit and unwind from my crazy day, in my closet up stair. After being in the closet to unwind i usually close the door and take a nap. once i’m up my daughter is usually hungry and wants to eat, but she prefers to eat certain foods, very picky with foods, so subway it is for the night. After coming from subway, that’s where more action takes place where she has to go to bed. She states ” Dad could you could you wash my uniforms for school, then i tell her can you please go put it in for me dear. Dad its so far and i don’t want to walk down stairs. So we go back in forth until i say lets both walk the clothes downstairs and wash the uniforms. After washing the uniforms, she began to talk about the pleasure of sleeping in her bed and how should would not fall asleep until it happens.

After going back in fourth about how dad has work to do and that getting her sleep is important for the next day of school, the conversation gets no where. So in my mind do, do i allow this 7 year old daughter of mines challenge me so that she could stay up longer to wait on me to put her to bed, or do i come up with anther solution. I guess the moral of this story is that , you are going to deal with some battles but it’s the comprising that is going to be key to dealing with challenging children. This is the article that i figured connected to me and many others that deal with loving but challenging children so enjoy and check it out.


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