Why I think Tom Brady is the GOAT


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I am a big fan of the New England Patriots. I have been watching them for almost ten years now, and watching their Super Bowl team in 2007 was really what got me interested in football in the first place. I have watched every Patriots game I can over those ten years, and have continued to appreciate their organization more and more. After watching them for so long, I am beginning to separate my bias from what I believe is the truth: that I am watching one of the greatest football teams EVER. And a big part of that is their quarterback, Tom Brady, who I believe is the best to ever play his position.

There came a point for me over the last few seasons where I began to realize that this was more than just me being a big fan of Brady, or that he plays for my favorite team. As he continues to break records, win Super Bowls, and always strive to improve, I have begun to understand that he is, indeed, the greatest ever; here’s why.


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By saying Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, some might argue that other all-time greats are being discredited. What about Dan Marino, who had one of the best arms of any quarterback? What about Peyton Manning, who succeeded Brady in many passing records? Or Joe Montana, who NEVER lost a Super Bowl? All of these men were historic players in the NFL who will no doubt be remembered for their greatness. According to the 247 Sports article, “Why Tom Brady really is the GOAT”, by calling Tom Brady the best of all time we are not discrediting others, or even saying that Brady is better than them. By calling him the “GOAT”, we are saying he plays the position better than anyone else. Although these other quarterbacks might have succeeded Brady in certain areas, Brady takes the cake with his overall ability to never give up, always focus on the future, and continually work to improve and strive for the next win. His remarkable consistency is what has brought him to a whole new level.


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One of the qualities that separates Tom Brady from the rest is his willingness to push through adversity, and never give up. A perfect example would be Super Bowl LI, concluded earlier this month. The Brady and the Patriots were down 28 to 3 about halfway through the 3rd quarter in the Super Bowl, and a comeback seemed absolutely impossible. But what did Tom Brady do? He did not give up. He kept his team fired up, and one could tell that he truly believed they could still win the game. That confidence, along with his stellar play, is what kept them going through one of their toughest challenges ever.

Throughout his career, Brady has always seemed to thrive under pressure. This is one of the qualities that makes him so hard to beat. No matter the score, no matter the circumstance, Tom Brady will keep on fighting until the very end. This is truly exemplary in any setting, and Brady is a role model in that way. Are we focused on building our team up and pushing until the end, or are we giving in to the doubts around us?


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Going hand in hand with Brady’s ability to stay cool through adversity is his great focus on the tasks at hand and not getting distracted by the noise around him. At the end of the 2014 season the Patriots got accused of something that would eventually become known as a scandal called “deflategate”, which was largely centered around Brady and him allegedly tampering with footballs during a playoff game. Despite a large lack of evidence one way or another, the league brought heavy punishment upon Brady and the Patriots and many began to question the integrity and true legitimacy of the Patriots’ success.

Despite all the accusations and cloudiness of the situation around him, and even during a ridiculous 4-game suspension, Tom Brady maintained his focus. He didn’t let all the noise bother him, and he was able to stay alert and continue to prepare for the season ahead of him. When Brady returned to the team after serving his suspension, he was as fired up as ever and ready to lead his team to victory. They eventually went on to win Super Bowl LI at the end of the season


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Finally, one of the main reasons Tom Brady is so successful is because of his incredible leadership both on and off the field. Brady’s knowledge of the game, his relationships with his teammates, and his ultimate drive to improve and win are what really put him ahead of others in these categories. His presence on the sideline and on the field evoke such a strong confidence, and his poise is what helps direct his team to victory.

Throughout many years of change with players constantly coming and going, Tom Brady has been one of the staple pieces in the Patriots organization that has remained over time. His leadership is what helps players fit into the system with their strengths and be utilized to their fullest for the team’s benefit.


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There is much, much more that could be said about Tom Brady. Similarly, there are many arguments for other players to be considered the greatest of all time. But in my opinion, the qualities listed above, along with the Patriots recent incredible comeback Super Bowl victory have only continued to cement Brady’s legacy and his status as the greatest even. If you don’t believe this, watch him play. These qualities are apparent in every game his plays. Tom Brady lets his play do the talking, and it does just that. After watching yet another Patriots Super Bowl victory, especially in such comeback fashion, it can only be concluded that Tom Brady is, indeed, the greatest of all time.

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