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All 22 Why the Denver Broncos are meeting with Joe Mixon

Who Is Joe Mixon?


For those of you who are not entirely into sports this is Joe Mixon. Currently he is working out to play for one of the 32 NFL teams. He is considered one of the top running backs coming out of college and many teams are interested as many have met with him to see if he is a good fit. I wish this blog could stop there, but sadly it can not. Joe Mixon is under a lot of scrutiny and rightfully so. Mixon was accused and then found guilty of assault when he punched a fellow student of Oklahoma in the face in a sandwich shop on campus. The video surfaced and this has led to Mixon’s draft stock falling.

The NFL’s Reputation

Realistically over the last five years the NFL has taken a massive hit in its perception to the general public. Big off the field cases have led to unwanted press to the league, and the disciplinary handling of these cases has led the general public to question the leagues integrity. This stems from another incident involving Ray Rice in 2014 where he too was involved in the assault of his then girlfriend. Video surfaced of the incident and the penalty increased, as the NFL was skiddish and dragged its feet on the punishment. Rice no longer plays in the league but it is hardly because of the incident. It was because of his age and the unwanted attention his presence would bring. We are starting to see the good players get free passes which is a dangerous precedent that this league has set. Players like Adrian Peterson beating their kids with a switch and the league not knowing how to handle the situation, and eventually the Vikings having to put him on paid leave while things were sorted out. These incidents are giving the NFL a bad reputation and it just keeps getting worse.

All 22’s Take

It is articles like this that are leading to this type of culture. The article above talks about how meeting with Joe Mixon wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. He teams should see what he brings to the table. It is in my opinion and I hope many others join me when i say you should as a male never hit a woman. It should not even have to be a rule it should be something that is just understood. The article ALL 22 does acknowledge that they do not condone physical violence on woman. (whew, at least we agree on that) Where things start to go wrong in this article is where the cancerous culture of the NFL is turning to. The writer Bill Williamson claims he can’t fault the Broncos for getting to know Mixon, and that many teams can’t get past his character concerns. I get that Joe Mixon is blazing fast, great out of the backfield and is considered the number two running back prospect in the draft class this year. For those of you who do not watch football it is one of the best groups of running backs coming out of college in a long time. Having said that THIS SHOULD NOT MATTER! There needs to be a precedent set in this league that when you make that magnitude of a mistake there isn’t a second chance. You do not get to do whatever you want in life because you are good at football. Yet the league keeps making the same mistake and it is writer’s like Bill Williamson who are so attached to the sport that they are writing about that they can’t get past how fast someone can run, or how high they can jump. Bill Williamson’s idea that teams should just see if he has changed or if he still has “character concerns” is what my gripe is currently with the NFL culture. This idea that this player has potential to make boatloads of money and play on an NFL team is unbelievable to me.

The other argument that has been mentioned was how young Mixon was at the time of the incident. Joe Mixon was eighteen at the time of the incident. This doesn’t work as a valid argument in my opinion, when you are eighteen you can make mistakes, but you should also be able at that age to tell the difference between right and wrong. You are considered an adult at that age in many cases. My dad always said to me mistakes are apart of life just don’t make the big mistake. This is what I would consider a big mistake. Now do I think Joe Mixon should be locked away forever? No, This in no way means Joe Mixon’s life has to be over. I think once the courts decide what is right and how it should be handled then he is free to continue to try and be a better person. Perhaps he really did learn from this and he has changed for the better, we can only hope this is the case. I just think playing a sport where you can earn millions of dollars is a privilidge and many young people look up to these players and they should be held to the highest standard. The league is losing the set of values that I think it once held and it is really disheartening and sad to watch as someone who grew up and loved the sport as much as me. Remember everyone to prioritize what is the most important because I think we are losing sight of that too much now a days.



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