Hopeful hometown return

Vikings stadium 3

There has been a lot of new information and news articles about the return of Viking quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. He has been off the field for a very long time. He injured his knee in preseason last August during Vikings’ training camp in Mankato, MN. The final report was that he had a dislocated knee and torn ACL. He missed all of last season due to the injury. ESPN’s article reports that he’s working out, which is hopeful news for many Viking fans. Despite having Sam Bradford fill in for Teddy, Viking fans missed Bridgewater’s presence on the field last season. Sam Bradford was a bright spot for us filling in a large tasks as quarterback for the vikings. He looked great throughout the season, marking them undefeated at one point in their season before falling short in the end. The vikings came strong and shocked the world with their impressive play, and with the season to an end it’s time to figure out what’s next?

Shift of a new era

Now with AP, Adrian Peterson, off the team because the Vikings declined to take the option year, and AP is a free agent. Which in recent news the vikings seem to found their player to replace Peterson for the running back position.  So, there are fans looking to Teddy for how their season will shape up for the 2017 season. Currently, there is no set date for his return to the field. Viking’s Coach, Mike Zimmerman, told reporters that he has recently seen their quarterback and he seemed to be in good spirits.  Zimmerman thought Teddy was doing everything he needs to recover.

Brighter days

This is good news for vikings fans that are missing Teddy Time! Also, there is indication that Teddy seems to be in good spirits. Although he’s not very active on Twitter Teddy’s Twitter indicates despite the not all positive news about his return, we cannot forget about other factors – like heart! Viking fans our hopeful for a solid next season that shall approach soon, in hopes that we become a hometown favorite for Super Bowl winners. Being that the game will be here next year in our back yard vikings fans should wait in see the new and improved Teddy Bridgewater and the vikings as they battle for which it could finally become the year.


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