Encrypting Privacy


             You have a right to your own privacy

If you are reading my blog I can guarantee, you are an internet user, unless someone gave you a print copy, because you truly refuse to join the 21st century. For the rest of you, users of the Internet, the topic of Internet security already affects you on many levels. For a long time, people in the U.S. believed the CIA and NSA when they told them they weren’t spying on them. People who said they probably were, instantly were called conspiracy theorist or anarchists, anything hanging out on the fringe of society. When in reality they had the rights to be suspicious.

After Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the NSA it became common knowledge that indeed the U.S. government spied on people and their not alone. Many government agencies around the world do this, it is common practice, and other organizations, corporation’s and hackers of all hats can simply get in the Internet’s back doors, launching cyber-attacks to monitor and gain control over unwitting individuals technological devices. There are things to guard yourself though. Many people –even politicians and movie stars—use flimsy passwords that are so easy to crack a bored teenager in any suburban hamlet around the world could figure out.

                                          Get Encrypted!

Don’t worry there are things you can do to keep your privacy, other than using a password that isn’t your birthday, and that is encrypting your computer and educating yourself on computer technology, you will have to learn a little bit to encrypt your device. In the end, the only person you can trust is yourself to stay safe on the web.

Recently the European Union discussed putting a backdoor on certain web chat apps, giving the government a back door to catch terrorists and criminals. This is a simple way for the EU to open up the floodgates to personal and national security issues, explains Karlin Lillington in an article written for the Irish Times.

“Backdoors are a secret method of bypassing the normal authentication needed to access the contents of an encrypted file or message. They are built into the application so that every instance of the application ends up with this secret tunnel. In short, backdoors are deliberate security flaws to cripple a security product.”

Once you are encrypted join the fight for privacy! As of now, it is legal in America to use encryption software, but lawmakers are trying to make it illegal, so join the fight for your freedom from unwarranted monitoring, because it is important. You don’t want strangers peeking in your windows and bugging your house. Why should you let anyone be able to violate your privacy online?


About stohlerdrew

Bachelor's Degree in Technical Communication and Professional Writing from Metropolitan State, St. Paul Minnesota. Aspiring science fiction/fantasy writer.

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