Kids & Cellphones…When Is It Too Young?


I consider myself very lucky to be born in the 1990s. I find that it was the generation and last generation before real technology hit. We were the last of the babies that were exposed to everything that revolved our hands and brains, our imaginations and our voices. We were the generation of revolving technology but it never really took over us until the next wave of babies born in the 2000s. As much as the internet is an endless hole of everything, cell phones are what start things, I believe that cellphones is what makes the internet go round. The internet nowadays spreads memes and videos streamed on cellphones like wildfire. If someone catches something on their cellphone, they can upload it right away on their social media – it’s right at their finger tips. For laughs,  this is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Below is a picture my 11 year old niece sent me at her sleepover the other day. Look at how much fun they are having! (posted in my instagram also @bren_dango)

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 5.56.09 PM

Does It Start at 8 Years Old?

When I was growing up, 8 years old meant crayons and colorful construction paper. At 8 years old I was pretending that my Polly Pocket was real and that I was shopping with her for her birthday outfit. At 8 years old, I was reading my favorite comic books. What are 8 year olds doing now? Surprisingly, I have seen them around with cellphones of their own. What we once thought was luxurious, expensive iPhones are now what everyone else has and every phone company has a deal they can wrap you up with. So not only do you have an iPhone now, but so does that girl in 5th grade too. I personally think this technology thing starts at a very young age. Some parents turn to their cellphones when they need their child to stay occupied with something, usually a game online or something on Youtube for them to watch.

Technology in Schools

In the article, “Kids With Cellphones: How is Young too Young?” Lindsey Boerma tells us that 8 is way too young, but how about 13, 14 years old? It’s almost impossible to say an exact age because we are teaching kids in a world of technology already. Elementary schools, middle schools and high schools are now incorporating technology in classrooms and because of this, teachers are now able to send grades via a student portal. This allows students to access their grades and keep track of their homework on their phone. It’s almost as if the kids need a phone to be normal and to be able to do what the school is asking them to. I believe a good amount of students whose parents don’t let them have cell phones, eventually have to give in to getting them one because to be on the same page as everyone else AND the teacher, a cell phone is needed. Do I think technology is becoming a bad thing in the world? No. I think that it is giving us the advantage to learn more and gives us the opportunity to always discover more. Cell Phones and technology, like everything else in the world, can be easily taken advantage of and used in all the wrong ways. That is what becomes dangerous. We cannot allow our kids to get to that extent though. There isn’t really a way to monitor them because what they learn in classrooms on their cellphones is something that parents cannot control.

What Age is the Right Age?

Unlike the previous article, this public forum shares the voices of parents. Although there are endless debates on this page, it is safe to say that “too young” is 10 and under. I never had my first cellphone until I was in 9th grade, I was 15 years old. The phone that I had was limited and I was only able to contact my parents – that was it. The screen was too small to roam the web, the camera had such bad quality I didn’t even bother. Like this public forum agrees, middle school seems like it has the most votes. Any child that is younger than the age of a middle schooler, should be given a phone with basic functions. Cell phones are the death of childhood. I truly believe that they close the imaginations of many young minds and that is why I do not think children under the age of 15 should have any cell phone!


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