Why I Hate Apple

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Ah, Apple. The company that is so near and dear to each one of us. Loved and hated by many, used by most. Almost anywhere you go, you’ll see someone with an Apple iPhone or a Mac computer. Although there are many complaints, it seems the public can’t get enough of this cult-like company. I don’t understand why this is, given all the impractical issues Apple provides for us. Apple takes everything logical and user-friendly, and throws it out the window. Yet somehow we continue to follow along like zombies, dumping our money into these devices and refusing to turn our backs from this company. I, myself still use an iPhone and reject the iOS update it continues to shove down my throat multiple times every day. Somehow, for some reason, I continue to fight. Apple has its upsides, but they only continue to dwindle. Although it has sometimes been a love/hate relationship, I do and will always continue to hate apple, and here is why.

Always Changing, Never Improving

Apple has had no shortage of updates and innovations over the years. In fact, with all the companies and services I’ve ever used and paid for, Apple has had by far the most updates, new releases, and changes. Normally, this could be considered a good thing. Change and innovation can be a very good thing. But in Apple’s case, this is far from the truth. Apple has turned “updates” into change just for the sake of change. It seems that every single year now, we get a new iPhone and a new operating system, and with each one we lose more functionality and gain more frustrations. I thought it was a joke when I heard that the iPhone 7 was going to be released without a headphone jack. Although each new iOS comes with one or two useful features that can be appreciated, the benefits are far outweighed by the frustrations.

In order to release a new iPhone every year or two, Apple has to keep changing something, right? Rather than taking time to build and add useful improvements, Apple continues to make stupid changes like increasing phone sizes, updating the interface and making it less user-friendly, and changing or removing certain functionalities within the phone. My dad still uses iTunes and buys music that he plays off his phone, but the music player has become so dumbed down and useless that he has lost the options he used to have for shuffling and tracking his playlists. As Apple moves forward into the unknown future, they leave behind many who didn’t ask for the change, but are forced to comply with it.

What I’ve realized is that Apple makes changes so they can sell new stuff, not so they can help improve the experience of their customers. I’d love to talk to somebody who thought removing the headphone jack was a good idea, and see what reasons they have other than to sell a new phone and new compatible earbuds. It’s unfortunate, but it’s obvious: Apple is focused primarily on finding new ways to make money, and doesn’t seem to think much about the consumers and what these changes might do to them. An article on The Guardian explains it like this, “Bill Gates uses his fortune to cure malaria, Apple uses its fortune to … make bigger fortunes.”

Apple designs a “new” iPhone almost yearly, and charges $700 for it even though it’s nearly identical to the previous model. Constant revamping of iTunes leaves us struggling to find basic functionalities, and we don’t seem to be bothered by the stockpile of old, useless Apple products we have laying around. With Apple’s constant progression through new operating systems, there is hardly room for old devices to be used anymore. I have an iPod that is only a couple of generations old, and it can hardly run any apps anymore because the operating system is so far out of date. Apple forces us to keep up with the times by continuing to buy their new products and update to their new operating systems.

Yet, somehow, in spite of everything, we keep buying these things. Why is this? Apple is a monstrous empire that sits atop the industry, and few are willing to challenge them. We, like slaves, continue to fall in line with their demands and continue to empty our wallets for them. When will it end? Will it always be this way? Apple rules the technology world, and until we stand up and do something about it, that is not going to change.




One thought on “Why I Hate Apple

  1. I really do not blame any of us because it is hard to escape from this situation. You see your friends buying new staff. Such as the new I phone that just came out and you stuck with the old staff. People are not thinking about the useful improvement. It is about not want to be left behind

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