The Royal One: His Purple Legacy or Controversy?

gzmilco8mlgmmyg6kksiDo you believe in magic?  That’ s how Prince Rogers Nelson commanded the stage. The first time I saw him perform at the legendary Village Gate nightclub in NYC.   One cold  February night in 1978.  It  was my birthday and my dad called me with my annual birthday surprise.   A good friend told him to check out this young “Cat” from Minneapolis. ”

                                  ”  He is just 18 years old and ” He’s the real deal.”  

        The Real Deal – What’s the Deal?

My original plan this week was to enjoy the musical tribute’s  to the Purple One as we approach the one year anniversary of his joining James Brown , Luther Vandross and David Bowie in the heavenly choir.   But what does the public receive  from mainstream media?  Controversy surrounding the aspects of his death, search warrants and analysts discussing prescription drug addiction.   Prince Rogers Nelson maintained an image of style, creativity, professionalism and  privacy in his life.  Why not in his death?  Then I read this article.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The search warrants released Monday in connection to Prince’s death say that when investigators searched Paisley Park last year they found opioids hidden in over-the-counter medication bottles.

The initial search turned up more than 100 opioid pills stashed in various locations around Paisley Park. The search warrants do not reveal any findings of fentanyl, the powerful opioid that medical officials say killed Prince last April.

The newly-released search warrants list a Bayer Aspirin bottle with 64 and-a-half pills with the label Watson 853. There was also an Aleve bottle with 20 and-a-half pills with the same imprint.   STOP you lost me.   We’re counting pills now?

       Is this really news?

Ok, I ended the article halfway through completion.  Why? Because in my opinion the remaining chapters were just fillers and old news.  Should you find this piecemeal journalism interesting you can connect to the WCCO website. Esme Murphy from WCCO had an opportunity to use the passing of Prince’s anniversary on Friday to inform, enlighten and celebrate.  This light weight sound bite did nothing but taint his reputation and keep the speculation surrounding his death in the forefront.   Authenticity and integrity were the first words that come into play here.

   There are alternative sources.

“Do your homework.”  was a term I heard daily during my 20 years working at ABC News.  Journalist’s have a professional responsibility to present facts not speculation.  Whatever happened on that sad day  we lost Prince;  deserves an article worthy of more than a few soundbites and Associated Press one liners.  I do understand that reporters do not necessarily have the final say  on story content.  But there’s more than one way to update the story, peek the interest of the public and remain factual in your content.

One point of importance, I encourage both the media and the public to be selective, protective and objective when it comes to your sources of information.  Remember your memories are the most intrinsic aspect of your life experience and knowledge.  Not a soundbite from a reporter with only 250 words, flimsy facts and limited authority.  I’ll choose to remember Prince Rogers Nelson on my own terms. Just like first time I met him.  Strutting his white ruffled shirt, skin tight pants, big hair and a guitar at his side.   Giving us James Brown, Wilson Pickett and Stanley Clark all rolled into one small but powerful package.  You are missed.

 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Show




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