Non-voter Misrepresentation


According to the Guardian, 45% of people did not vote in the 2017 Election. I think social media helped polarize the issues for the mainstream media big time this year, making people feel they had to choose a side more than ever to fit in with political ideologies that have nothing to do with the world’s real problems. Nonvoters are frustrated with the two-party system. They look at things with a cautious form of logic and do not buy into conformist views that the—propaganda—mainstream media force feeds to the masses.

Many non-voters like myself want tangible change. I want to hear how we are going to end war, disarm nukes, create peace treaties, decrease the prison population, and stop poverty to name a few, but those humanitarian goals often fall short. Instead of growing out of the past we are perpetuating the worst parts of this nation’s history into our present—the here and now—creating an endless cycle that won’t stop until we face the past, taking accountability for all the things that need fixing.

Misunderstood by the Mainstream Media
The New York Times article, What Separates Voters and Non-voters claim the lack of education is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t vote. I feel that if you have educated yourself without political bias and peer pressure and chose not to vote for two elitist candidates in a system that doesn’t seem to work for anyone other than the ones at the top you are doing the smart thing. The facts about non-voters always seem very skewed by the mainstream media. Most of the reasons they come up with are negative and based more on assumptions and manipulated data than much of anything else I can see. I do agree with the article when they say college students are likely to vote more. That is because college campuses seem to push a very progressive agenda, and much of the young college voters seem a bit indoctrinated into that ideological school of thought often carrying it with them the rest of their lives.

Speaking Out is Better Than Doing Nothing
I think that the non-voters in this age of mass communication have more of a chance than ever to speak out against their misrepresentation by the mainstream media. If non-voters do not tell the world why they didn’t vote, the mainstream media will continue to paint an inaccurate picture of their reasoning. I believe many non-voters would vote if they thought it made a difference. If the 45% of people that didn’t vote want change they must organize with online and offline groups.

For that, to work, they must put their voices out through blogs and social media. I believe that the non-voter movement could lead to peace and negotiations for a more beneficial political system for all. With all the advances in Science and Technology every year you would think we would have advanced in politics by ending poverty, war, and tyranny of all kinds, but we are still crawling out of the dark ages in that respect.

The importance of making a difference lies on the shoulders of the nonconformists and innovative thinkers to see through transparency and advocate a new system of governance. Once non-voters start a friendly debate, I am sure are better join in, and that is when revolution turns to evolution



About stohlerdrew

Bachelor's Degree in Technical Communication and Professional Writing from Metropolitan State, St. Paul Minnesota. Aspiring science fiction/fantasy writer.

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