Beauty Products Should Require FDA Approval in USA


Did you know that USA does not undergo any Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on cosmetic product? This means anything that is out on the market can be toxic. Unfortunately, they are for the most part. The reason I know this is because I have looked through the ingredients list on all the products I used to use and they all contained five or more harmful ingredients.

I have been interested and fully invested in my skin care ever since my adult acne breakout session back in 2015. I have tried many products out in the market from drug store to high end and nothing has really worked for me. If anything, it has worsened my skin condition. I was ready to accept my fate of living with a scarred and acne face for the rest of my life, until a friend sent me a link on Tracy Raftl’s blog about Avoid These Ingredients in Your Makeup If You Want Clear Skin . I decided to give it a try just because I had nothing to lose. What took my by surprised was the amount of knowledge I learned just from reading Raftl’s blog. I mean, who wants to put silicone on their face? Silicone is actually found in many products as they give people the appearance of silkiness and smoothness, but what people don’t know is that this stuff is used to seal windows. Eek!

Raftl wants people to know that these ingredients are harmful to your skin and the best thing to do is to be educated about it. I’m just surprised FDA does not do anything about this. This means anyone can make a random product to put out in the market and people will buy it. This also means I can mix rubbing alcohol with dollar store glitter and call it an eye shadow. Do we really want this?

I think there should be a 30 day cleanse challenge where people only use nontoxic products to see how different their skin reacts. Maybe this can be a start to raise awareness for FDA to start regulating products being produce in the states. I am loving my skin right now and I want people to feel the same way I do!


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