Leaving Out Small Details


A video was uploaded on Facebook from a seated American Airlines (AA) passenger of a male flight attendant violently confiscating a stroller from a sobbing mother as she holds her child. The situation quickly escalated when a male passenger confronted the flight attendant, and both got into a heated argument before the pilot breaks up the fight.

In the News

I was very upset after watching the video, but as always, I know there’s more to the story than what people only want others to know. I went on Google and read article on Fox News, and I now have a reason to be a devil’s advocate. The article only talked about the passenger’s violent encounter with the flight attendant and the argument that broke out, but what they left out was everything that lead up to that point. Anyone who reads the article would blame AA only. Has anyone thought about why this passenger has a stroller with her in the first place? Were the AA attendants not doing their job by informing passengers about their policy at the counter or gate? Was the passenger thinking she could get away with bringing a stroller inside a plane? Or, did the communication get lost? I really don’t know. What I do know that the AA stroller policy is out there so someone clearly wasn’t paying attention, whether it’s the attendants, passenger, or both. I just wished this was stated in the article.

AA Policy

If we assumed the communication just got lost, it could be enough to make this flight attendant mad because no one is following policy.

My Thoughts

I honestly think stuff like this occurs all the time, and this video just happened to be uploaded weeks after the huge United Airlines incident which caused viewers to pay extra attention to the anything that is flight related. Stuff like this could have been easily avoided if everyone did what they were supposed to. Most of all, I wished journalists could pay attention to small details because it can change how people think because it would have changed the image and reputation of AA.


3 thoughts on “Leaving Out Small Details

  1. Did you read the part about her being from a different country? Perhaps we all need to practice a little cultural sensitivity and how to actually communicate effectively. What happened on the view was not Effective and extremely disrespectful in my opinion

    1. Yes, I had to jump through a few articles to find out that she is from another country. This is another example of how author leaves out the little details. I think that if authors specify things like this then there wouldn’t be that many misunderstandings, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

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