The Elsa Experience


The Start Of Disney’s Changes

Having a young daughter, I have seen my share of animated movies.  Spending those precious Saturday nights with my daughter don’t intel watching a comedy movie or an action pack film , but an disney movie of her choice before bed. During this viewing she decided to watch frozen for the 100,000 time, so it was nap time for me as usually . Well this time that was not happening because she wanted to sing along with dance , so of course i was woken through all the noise and the tv being on 40 volume.

As I began to view frozen, I found it rather interesting that Huffington Posts told about Disney’s Elsa’s big changes. (Note: Huffington Post says all their information came from Entertainment Weekly – their article reports the same ideas listed on Huffington’s article). I always wondered why Elsa was a fan favorite from the movie, because her actions were not that of a traditional hero, she was indeed sort of villain-like.



What Went Wrong

Her sister, Anna, seems to be the hero, but didn’t gain the fame and popularity. These articles raise some interesting ideas about different reasons why Elsa’s heart turned to ice. I wish they would have further explained more of the impacts that would have had on the movie and on the young (and ’old’) fans of the movie. It is interesting to think about what if Elsa was a traditional Disney villain. The authors’ writing style seems to indicate that they approve of the direction of the film. But I wonder if she was a typical villain would Anna, the true hero, have had more popularity and serve as a better role model.   


My point of view 

In my opinion the movie was great and the characters in it also served their purpose. If i was the director i would have changed the roles of villains and made Elsa more of a hero and the fact that her shooting ice is a good thing for the movie. I think spinning the twist of movies can be beneficial for every one involved for more an happy exciting finish. The boost of Anna popularity would have been a priority as well due to the fact she was as important to the movie as Elsa, so adding a special power as well that could be remember by viewers.



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