5 Reasons Cathedral Hill is the Best Neighborhood in the Twin Cities

I have lived in Cathedral Hill in St Paul for over two years and it is by far my favorite place to call home. Cathedral Hill is one of the oldest areas in the Twin Cities and the St Paul Cathedral is its majestic anchor. I am lucky enough to have a view of the spire of the cathedral out my window.


There are many reasons I love this neighborhood, but here are my top 5:

1. It’s walk friendly

I would have no need for a car if I did not have to commute outside of the city for work. I have everything I need within walking distance. A grocery store, bakery, flower shop, clothing stores, good places to eat and amazing patios to while away a summer afternoon. From Cathedral Hill, I can easily walk to Grand Avenue or 7th Street where I can find shopping, breweries, more restaurants and plenty of things to do. I can also stroll to the Capitol or walk to the History Center if I want to get some culture. There is also plenty of green space and Summit Avenue is an ideal place to go for a run.

2. Great restaurants

One of the reasons I decided to move to Cathedral Hill was because I wanted to be near Moscow on the Hill. The food is wonderful, ambience is inviting and the patio is a great place to spend time with friends while having a martini. Moscow isn’t the only good restaurant in the area. Within a few blocks, you can choose between WA Frost, Red Cow, Fabulous Ferns and La Grolla – just to name a few. The swanky and historical Commodore is also in the neighborhood, and dining there is like a step back to the time when gangsters ruled the city.

3. Historic homes

Along Summit Avenue you can find the James J Hill house and the row house where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived. Although Fitzgerald was reportedly not a fan of the architectural make up of Summit Avenue, calling it “a mausoleum of American architectural monstrosities”, I admire the grandness and diverse styles that can be found up and down the avenue. To me it is like architectural eye candy. The beautiful homes are not limited to those on Summit. The neighborhood is full of ornate Victorians and cute carriage houses.

4. Friendly neighbors

Living here is like living in a small town inside of a big city. People are out walking their dogs or jogging at all hours of the day. When you pass people on the street they greet you with a smile or yell hello from their yards. I’ve met neighbors while attending neighborhood parking meetings, at Germanic-American Institute events and volunteering at the Ramsey Hill House Tour. There is even a Summit-University neighborhood online group where you can post questions, concerns or if you have something for sale. All of these things make Cathedral Hill feel like a cohesive neighborhood.

5. Events and entertainment

crashed ice

It’s fun to live in an area that plays host to so many events. During the holidays, James J Hill house and the Cathedral host free concerts. Crashed Ice transforms the Cathedral in February. Spring and summer bring marathons and bike rides into the area. The Germanic-American Institute has events like Deutsche Tage with food, beer and live music. You can attend a yoga class in Overlook Park or Kentucky Derby Days at the University Club.

I feel lucky to live in such a vibrant and fun neighborhood and I plan on enjoying it until I need the memory care facility right down the block.



2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Cathedral Hill is the Best Neighborhood in the Twin Cities

  1. I’ve always had an interest for Grand-Summit because it is not overwhelming like Minneapolis. If I wasn’t so against my commute to work then I think I would have picked Cathedral Hill to live in. Thanks for sharing about how great Cathedral Hill is – I will definitely spread the word to people looking for a good neighborhood.

  2. I could not agree with this post more. I live in the Groveland McCalester neighborhood and we venture down to Cathedral Hill constantly. I would say Lowertown in St. Paul is quickly catching up as well tons to do and an up and coming neighborhood. St. Paul is definitely on the up swing over the past five years, while I feel like Minneapolis is heading in the opposite direction.

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