Don’t Worry, Enjoy The Process.

Is there a correct time to say move over world? I’m coming to own my spot , I’ve put in long hours with school and countless hours of studying for this very moment in which i am ready to put all of my knowledge from classes to use in the my chosen career field. The wait has to be over , I have fixed my resume, and made a linkedIn profile all for the opportunity to interview for my first real job. To many this is the step that they have been waiting for throughout all those countless hours in the library studying.

This is the idea of a worried college student trying to make it on their own. So what are most recent graduates missing that could possible help better get recruited for that job ? lets not put of these tasks on hold because of your anxiety has built up to an all-time high.employability anxiety is the word that sums up what students are feeling during this process of finishing school and trying to find a career. During this time stress is running high and emotions are even higher, students are feeling the pressure of having to grow up and become and working adult.


What steps are you taking as a student

The thing about marketing yourself to the right employer, you have to know what skills you will need to become that lucky candidate to get an interview. Having that strong social media presence is must in this market. Touching back on LinkedIn , having a strong profile that defines your skills and having people endorse you can get notice from potential employers. Did i mention that it’s never too soon to start creating the page that could set up your future.After building up your profile, LinkedIn have other tools such as job openings and internships for various careers.

For an college student, finding an internship is another key step to build up your resume, as your adding this experience so that employers could view to show can also use your career service center for guidance as well,  as they are there to help guide the young would to future success.

Lastly find mentor someone that have experience in your prefer field, someone that could help point you to the right organizations that better fit you. Gaining key advice is always helpful as well, they have experience and knowledge about your desired field and you could use it in your future career.Reading helpful articles such as steps for success can further point you towards the right direction of a path to become a successful young adult.






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