Science Doesn’t Care What Your Opinion Is

sky-earth-galaxy-universeGreat Title

Okay, I cannot take credit for this title, and I can’t really give you source either because I saw it on a T-shirt.  I thought it was really clever and it really captures my blogging opinion of the day.  We recently had Earth Day and the March for Science while we were all discussing Communication Theory in class on Saturday.  I am not sure I would have marched in the march anyway because basically that means I have to drive through traffic and fight with crowds.  Going to the dentist sounds like more fun to me than doing that.  So, instead like many other lazy Americans, I donated online to some earthly cause and planted a tree with my kid.  Seemed like the right thing to do.

Back to the title though, most of you in class know how I feel about science.  It’s factual and I feel like others don’t give it enough credit.  How can people not believe in global warming, and when the hell did science get so politicized.  Well, I did a bit of research and it turns out science has always been political but it hasn’t always been so partisan.  The thing is, it doesn’t really matter if you are “weighing in” with your opinion or not.  Turns out the science will just keep happening because it’s not looking for approval.

When we will we get it?

Turns out that answer may be different for many.  My father has gotten it since I was a kid.  He is Native American and also has a BS in Biology so we learned early about respecting the earth and thanking her each and every day for what she gives us.  We in turn spread tobacco and give thanks.  Yes I referred to the earth as a her.  It is alive with everything we need to survive.  Turns out we don’t need plastic….who knew!

Others though are going to have to feel uncomfortable to understand what we are doing to the earth is bad, and by that I mean global warming.  Although we can change course we cannot do so without some drastic measures on our part and not everyone is willing to do that.  I am not pointing fingers here, merely expressing a truth.  Heck, I drive a old Chevy Tahoe that gets 19 miles to the gallon.  I know that I have to feel some discomfort before I am willing to not drive to work every morning.  But it’s not out of the realm of possibility to change either

Hope for the future

I do believe our children will get it before we do though.  So maybe there is an inkling of hope, and we can still change course without being one of the only species to cause it’s own demise.   Kids are smart, there is already stuff we have come up with and I am really excited about the future on renewable energy.  Thanks kids for bailing us out….AGAIN!


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