Hiking is Healthy

We’re always on different monitors…from the moment we wake up to the moment we get into our cars and to work (GPS and Computer) to back home our phone and our laptop. We never take the moment to enjoy the little things in life that don’t revolve around technology. Isn’t that right? I feel that a lot of us don’t realize that until we sit down and close our eyes at night. I mean look at the kids in today’s world, they hardly go out, so what makes us want to go out? Take a moment and think about how many screens you look at in one day. For me, I look at 3 every single day, moment and hours apart; my work PC computer, to my iPhone through the day and to the moment I go to sleep on my Macbook. Did we forget about trees? The wind, flowers and nature? We need to take the time to stop looking at screens and start looking around us – stop feeling pressured by social media, the news, what’s right and wrong and enjoy what is naturally around us by stepping outside. There is a study that states that hiking relieves stress and to be honest, I don’t think that the fact is too surprising. Hiking is a way to not only enjoy nature but it allows us to actually turn off our minds and focus on what is ahead of us. For the first time, hiking is an activity where we can visually see what it is that we are trying to reach. Even better, we are enjoying the moment, the process of getting to our designated area.


This article How Hiking Relieves Stress breaks down what hiking does to our brain and bodies – and how hiking is a healthy thing to do. To all the kids that were sheltered all their lives or simply just don’t like to be outside, I’d like you to take a moment and take a walk or small hike. When people hear the word “hike” they immediately associate it to “tiring” or “exercise.” A hike could also be a long walk, who says it has to be tiring? I’d like to connect my first blog post “Fitness and the Mind” to this article because I truly believe activities like this drive our mind to another part of us. In a way they are both very similar because they both require exercise and a good mindset. I think that those who truly want to achieve something (fitness, gym, confidence) just like those who want to get to the top to see a beautiful view (hiking), are people that truly understand the meaning of life and happiness. A positive mind brings a happy, healthy life.

Yosemite National Park

waterfall yosemite

Here is a picture of my boyfriend and I at Yosemite National Park. I also attached a picture of him standing near the waterfall.

 He is a huge nature guy and I wasn’t. This was my first hike and we hiked a total of 10 miles! We also got to visit the Sequoias. The trees were so big, 5 cars could park on top of one bark and there would still be room. I can tell you that I definitely did not like the hiking because it wasn’t my level at all. We went up very high and I could hardly hear and on top of sweating buckets and buckets. It was all worth it though because the views were definitely once in a lifetime. I was actually standing at the area that I had as my background image on my Macbook. Now, how many people have actually done that?


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