The Bad Stigma

Saving money may be one of the most challenging task for anyone trying to achieve a goal. For an athlete who is making millions of dollars you would think it is very hard to do , due to large part of them making money and having the cars and the nice luxury houses , the bottles that come along with materialist things , doesn’t help the case of atheletes not being big spenders and eventually going broke . What we see on social media or out in public in our cities is just an mirror image of how some of are favorite athletes spend their money and invest.

Most of the time athletes get a bad image of how they enjoy their money due to articles such as How pro athletes lose everything, receiving the bad image of big spenders and bad money mangers who must go broke after playing career are over. I’m making a case to say that not all athletes are bad with managing money , they’re are some that plays  and currently spending wise and also investing in good financial moves to set them up after their playing career is over.

The Start of something

Today’s athletes have the guidance and support that past athletes Didn’t have to gain knowledge on managing the finances of millions of dollars. For most life have changed literally overnight where you go having 100 of dollars and now your making millions of dollars. Of course we can’t all fought them for spending their hard earned money on items they worked for , they’re  the only individuals to put their bodies on the line for countless amounts of hours to entertain us .When following by the correct guideline on how to manage your money wisely managing sports pro athletes , can give you great insight on tips how to sustain  great investments past your career.

Spending your money wisely in some cases can be daunting for your average athletes but these players players NBA players, are setting the bar of what it is to live on a budget and stretch your dollars long past your careers. Which proves my point of the stigma that pro athletes spend all of their money and can go broke after their player career.

The good guy

Kawhi Leonard

In a good scenario  The Times , did an article on one of my favorite NBA star for the San Antonio Spurs player  Kawhi Leonard, makes signed recently a 94 million dollar contract with the club last season. Even after signing a contract , Kawhi seem to mange his money wisely as  he uses coupons on food, live in the off-season in a two bedroom apartment, and yeah his favorite car 1997 Chevy Tahoe that he has been driving since high school which still driving and operating daily. his coach explained him as wanted to be great and hard working with basketball but doesn’t want the fame that come with it. As Entertainers in their perspective  profession we need more good examples such as this great Spur, in his case the millions he is earning is going to go well beyond his playing career.




One thought on “The Bad Stigma

  1. Interesting blog. I’ve heard of Kawhi. Great example of frugality being the wise choice. I think the stigma has something to do with the bubbles in which we live and what media we choose to have fed to us. It’s simply not an interesting story to hear about the athlete that did well, saved some money, and lives a modest lifestyle.

    Lastly, as a grammarian, I beg of you to review are vs our, and there vs their vs they’re. The misuse completely distracted me from what your thesis was.

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