A good dog with a bad stick.

This past Saturday was a beautiful day. We spent most of the day in the yard doing some spring cleaning. The dog was excited to be outside and bring us various items to be thrown for his enjoyment. Picture perfect day.

We have a border collie names Max. He is high energy and ready for action at anytime. We have always thrown whatever item he finds and brings to us. Sometimes a ball, occasionally a leaf or a blade of grass but most often a stick. Sticks have always been his favorite and maybe it’s because they are so abundant in our yard. Today’s game of fetch was like any other and max was having a great time. A few throws in and a freak accident occurred. I’ve never seen anything like it. The stick somehow lodged it self in the ground just enough so that it was sticking up at an angle and ready to make direct contact with Max’s face. The end of the stick managed to jam into his left nostril and he let out a horrible squeal.

Our poor boy was bleeding from inside of his nose and I was horrified. After cleaning up his injury we offered him his favorite treat and water to which he declined. He wanted to be a sad pup in the corner for the rest of he day.

We decided that because the bleeding had stopped that we would monitor him and decide in a few hours if he needed to be seen by the vet. Later in the evening he was drinking water and seemed to be back to normal.

After we had cleaned his nose right after the injury took place, I found myself googling dog first aid for this type of injury. I came across many articles that talk about the dangers of playing fetch with sticks. If I had not witnessed this stick injury first hand, I would not have put much stock into the information. Going forward, we have decided that we won’t be throwing sticks for Max. I would hate for something worse to happen to our boy. This week I’ll have to get to the pet store to purchase some alternative fetch toys. Anyone ever experience anything like this with a dog?



2 thoughts on “A good dog with a bad stick.

  1. My friend’s dog accidentally got a stick lodged in her mouth while playing fetch. I wasn’t there, but she told me how scary it was. My dog is a beagle, so his accidents usually involve him getting into something, like consuming a box of holiday chocolates (that was an expensive trip to the e-vet) or eating unidentifiable objects off the ground when we go on walks.

    If you’re looking for toys at a good price, I love Chewy.com. They have great deals on treats, too.

  2. That sounds horrible and maybe its good you were not there. I personally would not have wanted to witness such an event and would have panicked. I have seen commercials for Chewy.com and have always wanted to check them out. Thank you for the recommendation – I will look into them.

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