Freedom of speech.

A few weeks ago we watched a video in class about The Yes Men. In my opinion, this group is practicing a form of the first amendment and exercising the right to speak freely. While this is debatable, as long as people are not harmed in the process I am fine with it.

Shortly after the class when we were introduced to this video, I came across a different group of guys who are doing a similar type of activity. Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher are the founders and creators of the Found Footage Festival. They have made appearances on news channels pretending to be fake characters and acting ridiculous in order to get a laugh. They are different from The Yes Men in the way that they don’t have an objective of any kind other than to be comedians.

They recently appeared on a Wisconsin morning news show where they called themselves “Chop and Steel” and they were showcasing different workout moves and core building exercises that people could do at home. The exercises were comical and the men were dressed in Zubaz and tight gym clothes to add to the humor.


A Google search found that the comedy duo has made appearances in the past on different news channels posing as yo-yo experts or chefs and I’m surprised that this is the first time I am hearing about them. It could be that they are gaining fame due to a recent lawsuit. It turns out that the news channel in Wisconsin has filed a lawsuit against the men for posing as something they aren’t and making a mockery of the news segment as well as providing fake information to the stations viewers.

Who does not do proper research prior to inviting a guest to be on your television broadcast? How can the television channel bring about a lawsuit when they did not do the proper homework ahead of time. These men are in a way using free speech to get some laughs in a world where maybe we could all use more laughter. What’s the harm in that? All because a news channel feels embarrassed, they jump on the lawsuit bandwagon. I really hope that the judge in this case has this thrown out and Joe and Nick can continue to make people laugh.


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