Organic farming matters — just not in the way you think



The Choice

Organic farming is gaining in popularity due to Americans’ increasing concern about food safety and environmental protection. Growing numbers of natural food stores and mainstream grocery stores are offering organic fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Farmers are making their goods directly available to consumers in their communities at farmers’ markets and food stands across the country. It primary focus is on environmental impacts, consumer and producer benefits that prove to be profitable and economically provide benefits to farmers and their communities.


Many people have turned to organically grown products for health reasons simply because organic foods are without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Organic farming and gardening is the result of the belief that the best food crops come from soil that is nurtured rather than treated and therefore limit the danger of health problems in the future.


With these in mind, consumers do play a key role through their purchases, they send strong messages to producers, retailers, and others in the system about what they think is important to help improve the food agriculture. The value of organic foods to our health and health of our planet will help find strategies that would broaden consumer perspectives so that environmental quality and resources used are also considered in shopping decisions.


Although some concerns about organic agriculture remains unclear. The debate whether organic agriculture can produce the world’s food organically have proven to be unlikely and have shown to have lower yield of 19-25% less than conventional farming. Another concern, labor-intensive organic farming requires people willing to work in agriculture to meet the demand in production compare to conventional methodology. Most importantly, the nutritional value of organic food exceeds conventional and costly at the same time and the question of if it will be accessible to all consumers raises more concern.



4 thoughts on “Organic farming matters — just not in the way you think

  1. I enjoy visiting the farmers market during the summer months and many of the sellers claim that the items are organic. While I don’t seek out organic products while at the grocery store, I will buy the organic items at the farmers market and enjoy them.

  2. I try to buy organic whenever possible, but sometimes the prices are crazy. Luckily I was able to get into a food buying club where we purchase organic produce in bulk and split the cost, which saves me a lot of money. I’m hoping that as organic farming becomes more mainstream, the produce will also become more affordable for everyone.

    1. Thats an issue for me as well. Its just not as affordable as the apples that have chemicals on them. Its really strange when you think about it… chemicals cost money so wouldn’t the products with extra chemicals need to cost more to afford the chemicals being used?

  3. I am glad more people turned to organically grown products for health reasons and i hope the numbers of these individuals increase for the sake of our environment. we need clean air and safe environment for our future generation.

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