The Making of the Consumer

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The article Capitalism and The Making of the Consumer by Robbins talks about the creation of consumer. It says that consumer did not appear full blown in the united states of the early twentieth century. Even in the eighteenth century, merchants in great Britain, France, else where were concerned that more goods were being produced than could be sold. People purchased only “necessities”- basic foodstuffs, clothing, household utensils, and appliances- or shared basic items when they could. Luxuries had to be transformed into necessities. In America, this was accomplished largely in advertising and fashion.

The point of advertisement is to make us unhappy with what we have. “we each see more advertisements in one year than a people 50 years ago saw in a lifetime. Three thousand times a day, we are told that our hair is wrong, our skin is wrong, clothes are wrong, our furniture is wrong, our cars are wrong, we are wrong but that it can all be made right if we just go shopping (the story of staff by Annie Leonard).”

So what do we do after we are told every thing we have is wrong? We go shop and shop as much we can. Some of us work two or more jobs just to buy stuffs to make us happy and satisfy what we have. Now we have more stuff than ever before and we have less time for the things that really make us happy: our family, friends, and we do not even know who are neighbors are. I really do not blame any of us because it is hard to escape from this situation. You see your friends buying new stuff. Such as the new I phone that came out or the new Nike shoes that came out. You stuck with the old stuff and you say to your self “everyone is buying new stuff, why don’t I buy the new stuff? I do not want to be left behind.”

We all buy stuff whether it is computers, soda cans, and T-shirt to make our lives little bit easier, and to entertain ourselves. However, a lot of us do not ask ourselves what is the stuff we buy are made of ? And how does it effect the environment? These stuffs are made from our natural resources. We chop down trees and blow up mountains to get the metal inside. “eighty percent of the planet’s original forests are gone (the story of staff Leonard).”


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