City Living VS. Small Towns

Growing up in a small town, I longed for the day that I could leave and move to the Twin Cities. I spend many years coming down for visits and never wanting to go back to my small, boring town. However, when I actually moved down here for school, I realized that my roots were a long stronger than I had ever thought.

You are NEVER alone.. 

As an introverted individual, I value my alone time very much so. One thing that I noticed about living down here in Saint Paul is that I am literally never alone. I am constantly surrounded by both people and noise during all hours of the day and night. If it is not loud neighbors in my apartment building, its sirens going like crazy through all hours of the night. And and traffic. Wow, the traffic. I cannot believe the amount of people who are always on the road at all hours. I do not know how people commute in rush hour to and from work daily. I simply do not have the patience for that, especially because I drive a manual now so bumper to bumper traffic really takes a lot of effort. When I go home to visit, I soak up every minute of alone time that I can get. I go for walks and its just me and nature and I love that. I enjoy seeing land completely untouched by man, and driving on roads in solitude with the occasional other driver passing by.

Street parking sucks.. 

I cannot stand the fact that I as much as I do for my tiny, overpriced apartment and still some nights I am forced to park over a block away. When I first moved down here, I got parking tickets like crazy for the most trivial of reasons. Once I got my fourth one, I decided to read up on the parking laws and luckily I’ve been able to avoid any more tickets since.

There are some good things..

I do love the fact that there is so much diversity in the people, the food, the stores, the attractions. There is ALWAYS something to do or go see which is not true for a small town. Moving down here has really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and experience life through a much different scope than what I have been used to.

The grass is always greener.. 

Although I do find some positive aspects of living down here, ultimately my roots are a lot stronger than I ever thought they were. I am actually really looking forward to moving home for the summer and taking a long break from all the people, and the noise, and the traffic, and the street parking. I haven’t completely sworn off city living for good, but I have a pretty good idea that it is not where I will be living long-term.


2 thoughts on “City Living VS. Small Towns

  1. These are all reasons I decided not to move downtown, even though I am a bit of an extrovert and would enjoy being close to everything, I need my alone time too and don’t think I could handle living around all that commotion either.

    I remember looking at a loft that looked right at the Saints Stadium and had no parking. It was a great area, but I think it would have driven me crazy in the long run. I live in a very quiet area now other than the noise from the jetliners flying to the airport. It is also great you have found positive aspects that have helped you grow from your experience too.

  2. I don’t foresee myself living in the city, I know I would hate it, the farther away from it the better. I grew up in a small town also, I love the tranquility and peace of mind I feel and the appreciation of nature undisturbed.

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